2 Big Deployments

We pushed two big sites live today:

Academic and Student Affairs was a monster of a site – some 500 pages. In order to make it manageable, with some help from Tana Stuart over in ASA, we broke it up into a number of smaller sites, and were able to identify some mini sites that could actually be archived – publicly available, but no longer part of the core website. Kassidy Zuniga, an intern at our New Media Center, also updated the look of our archive splash page. Be sure to check out her work!

Depending on how you shuffle the numbers, we’re now at 38% of pages complete, and 57% of departments complete. Many thanks to the friendly folks over at Marketing and Public Relations, who helped us move a stunning 900 pages to the archive (you won’t see anything different yet, but expect a new, streamlined news release format soon!).