1-26-2018 Updates and New Look

Lots of changes to the blog network today!

Plugin Updates
Caldera Forms v1.5.9.1
Wordfence v7.0.1
XCloner v4.0.7

New theme: SiteOrigin North

The blog network was looking a little dated, so I installed a new theme by SiteOrigin called North.  SiteOrigin also makes a plugin called PageBuilder that gives you a lot of control over layout of pages.  Their theme is responsive, clean and very easy to manipulate.  I think the blog network now has a very clean and professional look.  

Wordfence also had a major update to v7.0.1 with many changes to the framework they use for display and the way they scan for issues.  More info here.

Added Subscribe2 to Lane Blog Network

If you would like to be updated when things happen on the blog network, you can now subscribe to an email list and receive an email whenever something is posted to the blog network.

Don’t worry, you will only receive emails when updates happen to blogs.lanecc.edu and not when updates happen to sub-blogs on the network.  

If you decide you no longer want to receive notices, it’s easy to unsubscribe as well.  Just use the same form you used to subscribe.

No email will be sent other than to keep you up to date on updates and changes to the blog network.  

To subscribe / unsubscribe, just use the form to the right.  It looks like this…

Subscribe2 Subscription Form Image

6-28-2017 Blog Network Updates and Additions

Several updates as well as a couple additions today.

Theme Update
Weaver Xtreme v3.1.7

Plugin Updates
Weaver Xtreme Theme Support v3.1.7

Plugin Additions
Google Docs Shortcode v0.4
Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer v0.12.4

With Lane’s transition to GSuite, it seems like a good idea to give the ability to embed GSuite documents in blogs.  I found two that look to be well supported and stable.

Google Docs Shortcode is by CUNY, the City University of New York.  They do quite a lot of open source WordPress work and they generally keep their plugins updated and secure.  This plugin lets you embed most Google Docs (Docs, Sheets, Slides…) so they simply display in your post or page.  If you remember <iframe>’s, it’s a lot like that.  You’re basically looking at a GSuite doc through a window in your page or post.

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer is more focused on Sheets and turns your GSuite Sheet into a datatable.  Datatables automatically add sorting by click, header rows, pagination and some other niceties to a spreadsheet making it much more usable in a website.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know

4-5-2017 Blog Network Updates

Auto Post Thumbnail v3.4.1
Gravity Forms v2.2
List Category Posts v.72
Nextgen Gallery v2.2.3
WP Latest Posts v3.9.6

Added Theme:
Panoramic – Panoramic is a well designed, fully responsive theme with a homepage slider that’s easy to customize and offers 5 star support. The subtle design features give it a premium feel and the wide range of flexible theme options help you create a variety of sites from a simple blog to a fully functional online eCommerce store. Used in conjunction with SiteOrigin’s drag and drop Page Builder plugin, you can easily build beautiful page layouts with no coding knowledge to create any website from travel to business to food, decor, lifestyle, sport and more. Panoramic integrates seamlessly with the following popular free plugins: SiteOrigin’s Page Builder, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce.

1-26-2017 Added Plugin to Blog Network

Based on a request, the Posts in Page plugin has been added to the blog network.  This plugin lets you embed posts from categories, id’s or several other criteria in a page on your blog.  The posts must come from your own blog, but it is useful for instructors trying to get student posts organized in a central blog.

Let me know if there are any questions, but it’s a pretty simple plugin to use and is available to all blogs on the network.

1-25-2017 Blog Network Updates & Additions

I had a request this morning for the ability to display a list of posts from a different blog.  In particular, Student Success wanted to show the TIPSS posts from Achieving the Dream.  I installed a plugin that lets you do this.  If you would like some help doing something similar, please let me know.

Post Content Shortcodes v0.5.6

SSL Insecure Content Fixer v2.2.2

12-12-2016 Blog Network Updates

With the release of WordPress 4.7 last week, there were quite a few updates to plugins today.  One was plugging a possible security hole, so I decided to do the updates a little early this week.

Admin Management Xtended v2.4.1
Easy Google Fonts v1.4.2
Feed WordPress v2016.1211
TinyMCE Advanced v4.4.3
Weaver Xtreme Theme Support v3.0
Wordfence v6.2.8
WP Accessibility v1.5.8

Weaver Xtreme Theme v3.0.3

I also added a plugin this week.  List Category Posts v0.70 gives you a shortcode that will display a list of all the posts in a particular category in pages and posts.  If you think this is something you would like to use, but you’re not sure where to start, shoot me an email.  I’ll be happy to help.

3-9-2016 Blog Network Updates and Additions

Akismet v3.1.8
Gravity Forms v1.9.17.1
Weaver XTreme theme v2.0.8

Comment Email Reply v1.0.4
WP-Editor Comments Plus v1.0.1

Comment Email Reply is a plugin that, when enabled, emails the person who leaves a comment on a blog when someone else replies to that comment.  Much like an online forum.

WP Editor Comments Plus is a plugin that adds the TinyMCE Editor to comment forms.

For those blogs that were using the old Weaver II theme, it has been replaced by Weaver XTreme and all settings and plugins have been converted over to use the new version.  If your blog was one that I converted, and you see anything that’s not quite right, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help you fix it.

3-2-2016 Blog Network Updates

Back WP Up v3.2.5
Jetpack v3.9.2
PDF Embedder v2.5
Gravity Forms WCAG v2.0
WP Slimstat v4.3

I have added a new plugin (Gravity Forms WCAG v2.0) which modifies Gravity Forms form fields and improves validation so that forms meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements.  There is nothing you need to do to use this plugin.  I have enabled it for the network and it will automatically work with any forms created using Gravity Forms.

What does this plugin do?

  • Wraps radio, checkbox and list (repeater) fields in a fieldset.
  • Improves form validation by displaying an on-page message that describes how many errors there were in the page. The message contains a list of the form fields with the errors, a description of the error and a link to the field.
  • Adds aria-describedby attributes for date and website fields – providing clear instructions for screen reader users of what format is required for the field.
  • Adds HTML5 ‘required’ attribute and aria-required=’true’ for required fields
  • Adds aria-describedby attributes for fields that have failed validation – providing clear instructions for screen reader users of what the field error is. Description used is the default validation message for the field, or if set, the validation message for the field.
  • Disables the Gravity Forms configured tabindex – this stops users from being able to tab between fields and on-page links.
  • Changes links in the form body, such as field descriptions or HTML fields, so they open in a new window. A title is added or appended to any existing title for screen reader users which reads ‘this link will open in a new window’.
  • Improved file upload field – wrapped in field set, clearly identifies to screen reader users if any file size of file type restrictions have been set of the field.
  • Improved field instructions – if a description has been provided for the field, the field is ‘described by’ the description, using the aria-describedby attribute

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