Blog Network Updates and a new plugin

WordPress released a minor security fix in v5.0.2

Caldera Forms v1.7.5.1
Elementor v2.3.8
Essential Addons for Elementor v2.8.7
iframe v4.4
Nextgen Gallery v3.1.5
Regenerate Thumbnails v3.1.0
Very Simple Event List v9.3
Wordfence v7.1.20

Astra v1.6.2
Panoramic v1.0.67
SiteOrigin North v1.6.5
Twenty Ten v2.7
Twenty Eleven v3.0
Twenty Thirteen v2.6
Twenty Fourteen v2.4
Twenty Fifteen v2.2
Twenty Sixteen v1.7
Twenty Seventeen v1.9
Twenty Nineteen v1.1

New Plugin
I added Smush by WPMU.  This plugin watches images that are being uploaded to blogs and shrinks them down to a more reasonable size.  This is good for a couple reasons.  First, WordPress doesn’t even use full size images. At least, not really.  So, having a photo straight off your phone that is the size of a building just takes up a lot of space and, if, for some reason, you tell WP to display that image on a page, it takes FOREVER for the image to display.  This plugin will limit the max size of an image stored on the server to 2048×2048 pixels.  That should be big enough to fit any needs.  The second reason is simply disk space.  I’m running the plugin now to “smush” images that are already on the server and one blog is 15% of the way through its images and has already saved over 200MB of disk space.  Doesn’t sound like a lot, but if we can save a gig here or a gig there, that’s a big difference to a web server.

As always, if you notice any issues, just let me know.  There were a lot of updates today.