Media Server SFTP & FTP support ending the first week of January, 2015

We will be turning SFTP access to files off the first week of January, 2015. After the first week of January, 2015, all files must be managed through Filehost.

The only change to files is that you will add, delete, and update them through Filehost instead of through a ftp client. Everything else stays the same.

To manage your files through Filehost, just navigate into your ‘mediaserver’ folder. That folder is the root of your account. So a mediaserver/foo.txt file can be viewed at

This also applies to and accounts. The username/password for these accounts should be the same as when you used to use SFTP.

Remember that there are several ways to manage files. See

The web interface at is great for single files or deleting a folder. WebDAV and the sync client are best when dealing with many files.

For more information, see:

As with the Media Server, support is provided by the ATC. If you need help, just ask.