Western Regional Honors Conference 2021

Congratulations to Annie Sweet for having her poem accepted for presentation at the Western Regional Honors Conference this month! This annual conference is sponsored by the Western Regional Honors Council and is open to students in honors programs across the country that belong to the WRHC. Annie read “Annie Wildwood,” at the one-day, virtual conference.

Research: Winter 2021

Several honors courses included honors-level undergraduate research this term.

Students in Stanley Coleman’s COMM 111_H Public Speaking – Honors class completed an honors research project as part of the course requirements.

Isaiah Contreras’s Research Paper

Casey Nagai’s Research Paper

Samantha Wilson’s Research Paper


John Adair and Lille Youngbauer completed ART 115_H Basic Design – Honors with artist and instructor, Kathleen Caprario. From the assignment instructions:

“It’s often said that there’s nothing really all that new under the sun. That history repeats itself and that the “new” is actually the old, just dressed up differently to seek out a contemporary audience. So, is that true? And, what are the iterations possible for similar ideas given a different cultural point of view and time? Are there similarities in intention, need and purpose that continue to inform the bulk of what is labeled “new,” with the radical, never-before-seen actually being an exception and anomaly?

Begin by researching and selecting two different artists or artistic/cultural movements to compare and contrast. You will be considering these creative and cultural examples, one from the past and one contemporary that, despite different time periods, have similarities based on form, function and aesthetics. Make sure that there is a discernible difference between the two in terms of time period and technologies that will allow for you to fully consider the contrasts and outcomes between the two.”

Read their research papers:

John Adair’s Research Paper

Lille Youngbauer’s Research Paper


In Alexandria Nanneman’s ARH 209_H  History of Japanese Art – Honors class, Perry Wright completed an undergraduate research project. 

Perry Wright’s Research Paper 


In WR 227_H Technical Writing – Honors, students completed a research project and a reflection on that project. The following reflections were written specifically to be shared on this blog. They include links to the students’ formal analytical reports, where they present their findings as to whether PowerPoint or Prezi is the most appropriate presentation software for various audiences.

Noni Lundy’s Reflection

Zain Shah’s Reflection

Trenton Tomlin’s Reflection

Matt Wakefield’s Reflection