Undergraduate Research Events in Spring 2022

For several years, Lane has been involved with the University of Oregon’s Undergraduate Research Symposium. Honors instructor and Faculty Coordinator for Undergraduate Research, Stacey Kiser, initiated the relationship, and since that time, we have had several Lane faculty and managers on the planning committee and subcommittees at UO.

This year, we had a number of students from the Honors Program, Phi Theta Kappa, and the college at large participate in the symposium. Sprout Mahoney (pictured below, closest to the poster) won the award for Best Poster: Community College Division.

Honors Student Sprout Mahoney answers questions about her poster.

A week after the UO event, Lane held its annual Lane Student Research Days. Posters displays lined the halls of Building 16 while additional events included student work on sustainability in the Learning Garden, an alumni panel discussing the impact undergraduate research had on the panelists’ future education and careers, and a creative works reading. Jordan Coen (pictured below) read original work at the UO symposium and at LSR Days.

PTK Member Jordan Coen reads a short story in the Titan Scholars space.

Congratulations to all the Lane students who participated in these events!

Spring 2019 Undergraduate Research Fair

This year’s Undergraduate Research Fair took place May 29-31, 2019. The event included poster sessions, an ePortfolio showcase, presentations, and a poetry reading, and honors students participated in everything!

Stacey Kiser and other members of the Science Division faculty created the fair, which began as SUGR Day (Science Undergraduate Research Day). As the event grew, it developed into the current three-day fair with student research findings being shared in multiple locations. The posters line several hallways in the Science Building.

Honors and PTK students with their posters.

The large space outside the library offered the perfect venue for passersby to see the culmination of student research projects. 

Honors Program students with materials developed for the honors section of Introduction to Drama.

It also served as the venue for the poetry reading.

PTK Co-President Elect Cooper Bixby reading his poetry.

The Academic Technology Center (ATC) continues to be a strong supporter of student research. Students displayed their ePortfolios in the ATC classroom across from the library, explaining their various projects and how their process and findings were incorporated into their portfolios.

Students sharing their ePortfolios, highlighting research done in honors classes.