Honors Undergraduate Research Fall 2021

ARH 209_H History of Japanese Art -Honors (taught by Alexandria Nanneman)

Alivia Stiles’ “Visual Analysis of Kōshirō Onchi’s Family of the Field from Poem no. 2

Kōshirō Onchi, Family of the Field from Poem no. 2, 1937 Showa Era, color woodcut on Japanese paper, 14 7/8 x 14 1/2 in. (37.783 x 36.83 cm), Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, https://library-artstor-org.lanecc.idm.oclc.org/#/asset/ADALLASIG_10313601517;prevRouteTS= 1635624793780 

ENSC 182_H Atmospheric Environment and Climate Change – Honors (taught by Claudia Owen)

Nick Bernier and John Adair’s Research Project

WR 121_H Introduction to Academic Writing – Honors (taught by Eileen Thompson)

Katie Sincerbox’s Essay

Julia Taylor’s Essay

WR 227_H Technical Writing – Honors (taught by Ce Rosenow)

The following students wrote reflections on their research process and included links to the comparative analyses they produced in their formal analytical reports:

Jecca Arthur’s Honors Reflection

Kat Lakey’s Honors Reflection

Raven Mack’s Honors Reflection

Jeremiah Vandagrift’s Honors Reflection