6-12-2017 Blog Network Updates

WordPress v4.8 “Evans”

Easy Google Fonts v1.4.3
TinyMCE Advanced v4.6.3

TwentyTen v2.3
TwentyEleven v2.6
TwentyTwelve v2.3
TwentyThirteen v2.2
TwentyFourteen v2.0

WordPress v4.8 was a pretty good upgrade.  For those who would like to read all about it, you can see the official release here.

A couple of the biggest things to know:

New widgets

  • Image Widget: Display an image in a widget.  Not groundbreaking, but still cool.
  • Video Widget: Display an embedded video in a widget.  No longer requires a plugin, so a very good thing.
  • Text Editor Widget:  The default text widget now includes a rich text editor so you can more easily include bold/italicized text as well as lists and links.


One other thing that is important to know is that WMV and WMA files no longer work natively.  As has been for quite some time, the best way to get a video on your blog is to embed it from a service set up to stream videos like Youtube or Vimeo.