5-15-2015 Blog Network Updates

Made a few pretty big changes to the blog network today.

First, I removed a plugin no one seemed to want to use.
Social Media Auto Publish is gone.

Second, I added a couple things.

Jetpack v3.5.3
Brute Protect v2.4

Jetpack has been slightly crippled.  As you may know, Jetpack is a plugin created by WordPress.com (the commercial version of WordPress) that includes a ton of features.  Some, but not all, require a wordpress.com account to use.  I have disabled the bits that require the wordpress.com account as well as a few that just wouldn’t work with our setup.

The good news, there are still a bunch of very useful features Jetpack adds to our blog network.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.28.50 PM

To enable / disable them, just look under the Jetpack menu at the top left of your Dashboard (after you log into your blog).

If you have any burning questions, just let me know.