Added Weaver II Theme Extras Plugin

If you are using the Weaver II theme and you’re tired of the message at the top of your Dashboard telling you all the great features included in the Theme Extras Plugin, head on over to your Plugins section and enable it.

This plugin provides several enhancements for the Weaver II theme.

Shortcode Support for Weaver II

Beginning with Weaver II 2.0, integrated shortcode support is no longer provide with the theme, but is included with this plugin. This version of the plugin remains compatible with previous versions of Weaver II Free and Weaver II Pro.

Shortcodes supported include:

* Show Posts - weaver_show_posts - This shortcode allows you to display posts on any page or text area, and provides extensive filtering options. A perfect companion for the Page with Posts template. This shortcode is an essential part of building sites with Weaver II.
* Breadcrumbs - weaver_breadcrumbs
* Header Image - weaver_header_image
* HTML - weaver_html
* DIV - div
* SPAN - span
* iFrame - weaver_iframe
* Blog Page Navigation - weaver_pagenav
* Show If Mobile - weaver_show_if_mobile
* Hide If Mobile - weaver_hide_if_mobile
* Show If Logged In - weaver_show_if_logged_in
* Hide If Logged In - weaver_hide_if_logged_in
* Site Title - weaver_site_title
* Site Tagline - weaver_site_desc
* Vimeo - weaver_vimeo
* YouTube - weaver_youtube

Add-on Themes

This plugin also allows you to upload and install new, add-on subthemes. There are free add-on subthemes available at

All add-on subthemes will work with both the free Weaver II theme, and with Weaver II Pro.

Theme Updating

Because WordPress does not allow you to update a theme you’ve installed by upload (instead of directly from, in the past updating Weaver II Pro required using the “Easy Theme and Plugin Update” plugin. While that will still work, you can now update Weaver II Pro (or even Weaver II downloaded directly from easily from the download using this Theme Extras plugin. There is a new option added near the bottom of the Save/Restore admin tab that will let you easily and quickly upgrade Weaver II Pro.

Quick Cache Support

Beginning with version 2.1.1, Weaver II Theme Extras adds automatic support for the latest version of Quick Cache. Weaver II + Quick Cache will now work together automatically to cache all visits, including desktops and all mobile devices.


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