TIPSS #27: Total Success Rate

The attached Timely Information Promoting Student Success document was sent to all faculty and staff at LCC on Dec. 3, 2018. TIPSS27 Total Success Rates

Here’s the text from the document:

In the prior edition we considered Lane’s three-year graduation rate: the percentage of new, award seeking students earning any Lane award within three years. However, many community college students attain goals after transferring to other institutions. For this reason we measure Lane’s three-year total success rate as the
percentage of new, award seeking students who earn an award or transfer within three years. 

At 40% for the 2015 cohort, Lane’s three-year total success rate has improved in each of four consecutive years from a low point of 33% for the 2011 fall-start cohort. This translates to successful outcomes for about 164 additional fall-start students.

60% of new award seeking students did not earn an award and did not transfer within three years.

  • About one fifth of this 60% are expected to graduate
    or transfer within six years, based on historical data.
  • About one fifth of this 60% enrolled for only the initial
    term (fall 2015) of the three-year tracking period.

The success of many current and future Lane students will rely
on continuous efforts to improve Lane’s total success rate.

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