2021-2022 Guided Pathways Aspirations, Team Recruitment, and Faculty Posting

The Guided Pathways Team would like to share with you the following announcements and opportunities for involvement with Guided Pathways at Lane.  
In this message you will find:
1. Guided Pathways Academic Year 2021-2022 Aspirations
2. First Year Math and Writing Team recruitment 
3. Faculty Core Team posting 
Please see below for more information on each topic.
GP AY 2021-2022 Aspirations: This document describes the big-picture goals for this year. There are aspirations for Academic Plans, First Year Math and Writing, Foundational Seminar, Data, Retention, and Engagement. The work of project teams will be focused in these areas. 
First Year Math and Writing Team recruitment: We are seeking participants for this team. The team’s goal is to create systemic conditions that decrease equity gaps, and guide and support all students toward completion of both program-level math and writing within their first year. Please review the full team description here . To express interest, please fill out this form by noon on Friday, 10/22.
Faculty Core Team posting: The Guided Pathways Core Team seeks a current full-time or pat-time faculty member as a Core Team member. The Core Team is responsible for strategy, planning, and direction of GP work. The team facilitates college-wide implementation of Guided Pathways and gives charge to project teams, including clarification of outcomes and timelines for implementation. Please review the posting here and attached. To express interest, please submit letter of interest and resume/CV to Jennifer Frei by noon on Fri, 10/22
You may ask why are we seeking a Faculty Core Team member? It is with great gratitude that we say THANK YOU to Jenn Kepka for three years of dedication to launching and leading guided pathways work throughout the college. Jenn’s consistent focus on centering the student experience, equity, and connecting across areas of the college have been highly valued and appreciated. She’s now focusing on supporting students through tutoring. 
Finally, if you’ve made it this far, we’ll preview that more opportunities for involvement will be coming soon. Please watch for team recruitment related to additional aspirational areas, including Foundational Seminar and Holistic Student Supports. 

Now Recruiting: Guided Pathways Phase III

We’re recruiting again! Guided Pathways has two new teams forming, and a few former teams that need additional members. The new teams are our First Year Experience team, which will help define what FYE will mean at Lane in the Guided Pathways roll-out, and the Career Communities Integration team, which will work to make our eight career communities a meaningful, supportive part of a student’s Lane experience. You can find more information about these teams at our Phase III Teams Explainer: https://tinyurl.com/GPPhaseIII

Interested? Fill out this handy form by December 1. 

You can find more information about all of our current teams here at the Current Teams and Participants page

Recruitment: Phase II Starting Now

We’re recruiting for two new teams, which will have initial meetings during Finals Week in Spring 2019. These teams will do the bulk of their work starting in Fall, but may have some tasks that can be accomplished over the summer (at the discretion of the team, once formed). Teams forming now include:

Program Mapping Process Team

Team Purpose:

    • Use relevant data collected during pilot program mapping project to design an effective process for mapping programs at Lane, including delineating process features such as
      • Key groups/roles to work with program personnel as maps are designed
      • Resources to support effective mapping practices, such as time, physical space, technology, materials from outside resources, other
      • Investigate and recommend how long an individual program should anticipate it will take to develop a program map (e.g., weeks, months, days?)
      • Investigate and recommend implementation steps, such as to whom are maps submitted, when and how are maps implemented (e.g., by whom, in what manner/format, etc), other  
      • Evaluation of maps; continuous improvement; how to determine if maps are effective

NOTE: This team will not develop program maps. Program maps will be developed within individual programs, by program personnel with the support of relevant college staff. This team is designing Lane’s process for developing program maps.

On-Ramp Team

    • Using college data and national models, identify key areas and ways that students move into Lane credit programs, including but not limited to non-credit to credit transition, developmental education, K-12 and high school partnerships, transfer from other institutions, and International programs
    • Identify and propose ways to smooth the student experience when transitioning into career communities, guided pathways, and eventual program maps
      • This includes examining, and making recommendations for improvements in, current systems and processes which effect the ease or difficulty of student transitions
      • Examples: Banner and other technical systems; how students experience their interactions with different areas of the college (are these consistent or disjointed?)
      • Propose how these can be most effectively designed as student-centered
    • Identify existing, planned, or diverted interventions that support student success and retention during and after transition into credit courses, with a particular focus on underrepresented groups
    • Collaborate with existing college taskforces on placement and developmental education redesign to coordinate efforts toward equitable student experience through pathways

Please review the recruitment document [in PDF] for more information about the expertise needed on each team. Then, fill out the recruitment survey at http://bit.ly/GP-Spring19 to get involved! Deadline for submitting the recruitment form is Wednesday, May 29.