11-16-2017 Blog Network Updates

Lots of updates today.  WordPress v4.9 was released and the blog network as been updated.  Here is some info on the upgrade.


Along with the core update, many plugins and themes needed to be updated.  There will probably be a large number in the coming weeks as well.  

WP Force Login v5.1
Posts in Page v1.3.1
WP Latest Posts v4.2.0
TinyMCE Advanced v4.6.7

Twenty Ten v2.4
Twenty Eleven v2.7
Twenty Twelve v2.4
Twenty Thirteen v2.3
Twenty Fourteen v2.1
Twenty Fifteen v1.9
Twenty Sixteen v1.4
Twenty Seventeen v1.4

As always, if you have any problems, or see any odd behavior with your website, please let me know.