10-5-2016 Blog Network Updates

Plugin Updates:
Kebo Twitter Feed v1.5.12
Wordfence v6.2.0

I also removed WP Slimstat because the latest version killed the blog network.  Basically, when enabled, every page threw an error and gave the white screen of death.  The reason is that the plugin uses a third party script to detect the type of browser viewing a page.  The way the script works is that, once it’s enabled, it connects to a remote server to download a script specific to the application it’s embedded in.  This is a problem on our blog network because, for security purposes, we don’t want random scripts reaching out to remote servers and installing “stuff”.  Since there were only a couple blogs using WP Slimstat, I simply removed it from the network.

If you have a need for detailed statistics for your blog, please contact me.  The blog network is hooked up to the college’s Google Analytics account.  With a little work, I can get you the data for your specific blog.