12-9-2015 Blog Network Upgrade and Updates

WordPress v4.4 was recently released and is up on the blog server.  It seems to be running fine, but, as always, if you notice any issued, email me.

Along with WordPress core there were a number of plugin and theme updates, as well as a new theme by WordPress called TwentySixteen.  More on that in another post.

Upgrade: WP v4.4

TinyMCE v4.2.8
Wordfence v6.0.21 / v6.0.22 (applied both)
WP Slimstat v4.2.2

Spacious v1.3.6
TwentyTen v2.1
TwentyEleven v2.3
TwentyTwelve v1.9
TwentyThirteen v1.7

TwentyFourteen and TwentySixteen were both updated to the latest version through the WP v4.4 upgrade.