8-19-2015 Blog Network Updates

Pretty big update today.  WordPress has been upgraded to v4.3.  Along with that, there were a ton of themes and plugins that needed to be updated as well.

Blogger Importer v0.9
Brute Protect v2.4.2
Gravity Forms v1.9.13.4
iframe v4.2
Nextgen Gallery v2.1.7
TinyMCE Advanced v4.2.3
Weaver II Theme Extras v2.3.1

Spacious v.1.3.2
Twenty Ten v2.0
Twenty Eleven v2.2
Twenty Twelve v1.8
Twenty Thirteen v1.6
Twenty Fourteen v1.5
Twenty Fifteen v1.3

Following is the video WordPress released to announce the new version.  There seems to be some issues with the streaming, so, if you want to watch it, but it’s not loading, just click the little link icon on the top of the video.

The most interesting updates in this version are:

  • An updated Customizer, including the ability to upload your own site icon (that shows up in the menu bar when someone views your site) and a menu customizer.
  • Formatting shortcuts (when editing a page or post)
  • A strong password generator.

The password generator is not something that will matter on the Lane Blog Network because you log in using your L#, but it’s a good thing for WordPress to include from a security standpoint.

As always, let me know if you have any issues.