12-30-2014 Blog Network Updates

It’s been a couple weeks since the last blog network update, so there are a lot.  Including an upgrade to WordPress itself, to v4.1.  This wasn’t a huge update, but it did add a few cool features.

As always, I tested all the plugin and theme updates on the test server before moving them over to the production server.  If you notice any problems with your blog, or one of its plugins, please let me know and I’ll help you sort it out.


WordPress v4.1
Details on WP v4.1, Dinah

Backup Scheduler v1.5.9
Easy Google Fonts v1.3.3
Events Manager v5.5.5
TinyMCE Advanced v4.1.7
WP Force Login v2.1
WP Slimstat v3.9.1

Customizr v3.2.10
TwentyTen v1.8
TwentyEleven v2.0
TwentyTwelve v1.6
TwentyThirteen v1.4
TwentyFourteen v1.3
TwentyFifteen v1.0