The Committee

Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Donna Koechig
  • Jim García
  • Siskanna Naynaha

Committee Members:

  • Elizabeth Andrade
  • Stan Taylor
  • Celia Maximin
  • Berri Hsiao
  • Susie Coursar
  • Mark Harris
  • Liz Coleman
  • RJ Bell
  • Jonathan Seidel
  • Ahmad Rajabzaden
  • Patsy Raney
  • Ruth Wren
  • Dean Middleton
  • Claudia Riumallo
  • Marie Sagaberd
  • Siv Serene Barnum
  • Barbara Susman
  • Dawn DeWolf
  • Maurice Hamington
  • Kerry Levett
  • Jennifer Falzerano
  • Michael Weed, ASLCC President
  • Manuel Mejía, ASLCC Multicultural Coordinator
  • Adrienne Mitchell
  • Greg Evans

The committee was selected from employee groups and students across campus based upon the following criteria:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of social justice
  • Passion for equity and social justice
  • Basic understanding of cultural differences
  • Ability to relate effectively to sensitivities and concerns of underrepresented groups
  • Experience in community based work
  • Understanding of prevalent societal privileges (i.e.,  privilege based on ability, gender privilege, white privilege, etc)
  • Knowledge of development and implementation of systems and processes
  • Skills in designing professional organizational development
  • Ability to be a team player, gain the trust of others, and establish credibility
  • Ability to commit dedicated hours to this work and attend meetings per week/month, etc., as needed.

In addition to the above criteria, considerations were given to the overall balance of the committee in terms of employee groups, gender, expertise based on the criteria, contractual guidelines/agreements, etc, as well as available funding.  Other expenses also had to be taken into consideration such as  the costs for meetings and additional compensation for PT and contracted faculty during  the summer.

In Phase 2, members of the campus community will be invited to participate through work on task forces or subcommittees that focus on the development of specific content areas.


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