Welcome to your new website!

New Homepage, containing each of the regions further described in this post.
Lane’s new Homepage

Ready for a quick tour?

The Mega Menu

The MegaMenu open, displaying a set of commonly needed links.Up at the top of every single page on the site (and soon, other Lane websites) you’ll find this menu with the most popular and requested resources on the website. Make sure to check out all five tabs!

We’ve also upgraded the search:

The expanded Search box, showing search optionsWhen you click on the search, you’ll see a list of multiple search options. For now, this will let you directly search the Lane website or use AskLane. Soon, you’ll also be able to search people and departments.

And if you ever need to get to the homepage or one of the landing pages, just click on the Lane Icon on the left hand side:

The different homepage options available in the MegaMenu. These are the same as is listed below, in the Landing Page Menu area.You’ll see a link not only to the homepage, but also to each of our visitor landing pages.

Landing Pages

On the right hand side, you’ll find a menu with links to pages designed specifically for our different visitor types:

Links to our four landing pages: Future Students, Current Students, Community, and EmployeesAnd immediately below that you’ll find an area with announcements relevant to you.

Banner Links

On the large, colored banner on the homepage you’ll find a set of some of our most often needed links.

Image of the central banner links for the homepage. The purpose of this banner changes on the Landing Pages. Here, the banner links you to categories of content. So, on the Future Students Landing Page, when you click on “Paying for College”, you’ll be transported to a list of related links to help you find information about paying for college: Financial Aid, Tuition, Scholarship Information, etc.

The 'Paying for College' category of links. These are viewable at conducted extensive surveys to learn how people categorize and name the resources we have on campus, to try and make these as intuitive as possible.


During our research, we heard time and time again that you were interested in current, relevant content about what’s happening on campus. At the bottom of every page, you’ll find our two places you can learn about campus events and news.

The 25 Live Calendar Feed. There are no items displayed in this sample image.

On the left side is a feed from 25 Live, our Calendaring System. Each event is linked directly to a page with information about where and when that event is happening. This feed will update every time you visit a new Lane webpage, showing you the events happening that day (often, multiple events are happening, in which case two arrows will appear to let you scroll between them). If you’d like to see even more events, just click the calendar icon.

Dispaying a recent tweet about the beautiful weather we had on campus Friday.

On the right side are snippets from our Twitter account. You can use the arrows to scroll through our ten most recent tweets, or you can simply click the ellipsis (…) to go directly to our Twitter account.

Social Media and Applications

Links to the college map, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter accounts, the Lane Titans website, our blogs site, Staff Email, and Moodle and MyLane.At the bottom right, in addition to links to Lane’s Social Media Presence, you’ll also find a link to the campus map, Moodle, and MyLane. If you’re an employee, you should know that the old ‘Groupwise for Staff’ link has been replaced with a single “GW” icon.

Footer Links

There were also a number of other links that we found visitors always needed easy access to:

In addition to some common footer links, there's also a link to the the campus on Google Maps and the main campus phone number.

These are in the bottom left of the site. In addition to these common links, you’ll also find the campus address (linked to us on Google Maps, in case you need directions), and the main phone number (if you’re on your cell, just click it to give us a call!).

Lost? Stuck? Can’t find something?

We can help!

Thank you!

Finally, thank you for all the feedback you’ve given us during the last few years as we put this together!


Remember, websites are always evolving. Although we’ve made some real, significant improvements to the Lane website, there’s still lots of places to improve. We’re constantly collecting analytics, getting visitor feedback, and looking for ways to making the website a better place.

Arts & Center

Two sites deployed today:

With those done, we’ve completed 91% of departments and 85% of all pages, and we have a new student worker hammering away on the remaining pages. He’s spent the entire day just working on Marketing and Public Relations pages – our biggest remaining chunk, with around 400 pages. Only 12 departments left to migrate!

Today’s deployment also marks another milestone for us: our first time having less than 200 404 (page not found) errors. That’s down from over 1000 a few months ago. Not bad, for over 10,700 pages of content checked.

Also, an important announcement:

Only 4 days until we go live!

Blog posts have been rather sporadic the last month or two while I’ve been hammering out the new theme. There’s no pictures to show yet, but after we launch (Sunday!), we’ll continue to refine and perfect our theme to improve support for all devices from IE8 on up. So expect news in the future about some of the details of our theme and some of its awesome features.

Governance Deployed

Deployed today:

16 Departments left to go!

Wait, what? Isn’t that what it was last time? Yes! But only because one of the departments that was waiting to see what our new site was going to look like decided that they liked the new look. So we migrated one department, but we added another one to do. So I’m still calling this one a win.