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BT165 is a 2 part test

Just a reminder that part 1 is on MOODLE and then students will come out for the written part.

We have been seating these students at the back wall so that after they log out of MOODLE for the computer part you can have them go back to the same station for the 2nd part.

Remember to write the time students start and complete the written part.

They have 2 hours total for both parts of the exam.

Rathakette FN225 student….

One of Rathakette’s students for FN 225–Nutrition will need to show ID, as usual, but the name in MOODLE will come up as “Name Withheld”.  

Let me know if there are any issues getting the student signed into his online exam.

Reminder about cell phones…

A student was just observed taking a phone out of her shirt when leaving the testing room. 

Just a reminder to tell students that they cannot have cell phones on them during testing–they need to turn them off and put them with all their belongings in the lockers.


HST 105 exams will be in the Social Science Office

The Instructor, Jody Anderson decided to leave written copies in Social Science for her student to take.

Please check note cards carefully

2 students came in today and had 3 x 5 paper taped to the sides of a 3 x 5 notecard and inside was another 3 x 5 page of notes.  The students had to decide which two 3 x 5 surfaces they wanted to use during the exam.


Finals Week Availability

I left Finals Week schedules in your boxes.

Please double check the times that your Finals are scheduled and shade in the times that you want to be available to work Finals Week.30am-

We are open Finals Week:

Mon-Wed: 8:30am-7pm

Thurs 8:30am-5pm

Friday: Not officially open, but here 9-Noon for emergency make-ups!


We checked in over 200 testers today! 

Thanks for your awesome help everyone!

One BT 165 exam in BOOZER’s folder–top file drawer

Student will take exam today–first part is on computer,Part 2 is written.

NURSING 231–Clinical Pharmacology Midterm–week 6

Instructor is Monica Hyde.

Online exam; no notes and no translation dictionaries allowed.

Scratch paper OK.

BORROWDALE’s PHL 205 exam #2

online course; Online exam

One 3 x 5 note card allowed.

Students should show staff note cards and turn in after testing.