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Writing at LCC: The Blog


You have arrived at Metaphrasis, the blog of the Writing (WR) Program at Lane Community College, which lies nestled, gemlike, near the base of the Cascade Mountain range in the fair bohemian burg of Eugene, Oregon. What you’ll find here is content–some intriguing, some useful, and once in a while a little outré–developed primarily for Lane’s faculty and program administrators. Metaphrasis is particularly tailored for those who teach college writing or have a special interest in the teaching of college writing. Below you can learn a little bit about the Program: the philosophy and purposes that guide the collective endeavors we call Writing at Lane.

The Writing Program at Lane Community College encourages students to meet and engage with the world as writers: to intentionally absorb themselves in language, to purposefully interact with readings, and to produce their own texts as situated participants in ongoing critical conversations.

To this end, Writing faculty at Lane emphasize the practices of reading, research, writing, and thinking as fundamentally rhetorical acts—acts with particular exigencies, demands, and purposes that are shaped by context—which have wide-ranging significance and important stakes beyond the mere completion of assignments or achievement of desirable grades. To foster students’ awareness and understanding of writing as a rhetorical endeavor, Writing courses at Lane work to build classroom communities and cultivate deep collaboration among students as central to the acts of making meaning and communicating effectively in the world.

While the Writing Program shares this common set of broad objectives as well as specific learning outcomes defined for each course in the Writing sequence, the Department also values the strengths, interests, and expertise of individual faculty members who are themselves immersed in the creative and scholarly practices of research, reading, and writing. The result is a vibrant mix of pedagogical tools and approaches that allow the Department to draw on the strength of its diversity as faculty work toward the same curricular goals.

Students will benefit from such diverse classroom approaches as they get to know and work collaboratively with fellow students in writing workshops, encounter a broad range of beliefs and ideas about the world, and explore a variety of different strategies for writing. In addition, students will often meet with faculty to discuss their work in a one-on-one or small group conference setting. This focus on the communal nature of knowledge and writing as a recursive process provides students with the time and space necessary for thoughtful reflection, extensive drafting and revision, and ongoing reading and research that is undertaken in the true spirit of inquiry.

Ultimately, the Writing Program introduces students to writing as a critical way of knowing, making meaning, and communicating in the world, and in so doing it poses a challenge for students along with the other programs and disciplines that make up the larger College community. The challenge is to foster and support students as practitioners of writing: as they continue to meet the world as writers, to think rhetorically, and so to write with increasing complexity and critical insight throughout their education at Lane Community College.