REMINDER: Make sure students have logged out of MOODLE when they are done testing

Today a student was logged in to computer #8 for a Final Exam and another student had completed an Extra Credit Exam on computer #18.  The student on #18 had just left as the student who was supposed to test on #8 was checking in. Instead of going to computer #8, this student went and sat at computer #18 and logged herself into the FINAL UNDER THE OTHER USER’s NAME!

This is actually a way that students could try to cheat if they planned this ahead of time.  I do not know if this was the intent in this instance, but it is a reminder for why we need to be on top of making sure students are logged out when they leave and then LOCK that station as soon as possible.

I realize that this is harder to do when it is as busy as it tends to be FINALS WEEK, and I appreciate your quick ability to problem solve!  

I was able to contact the Instructor and he was able to print a copy of the exam and delete the attempt.  Otherwise, the student who was on #18 would have come in to take the Final and it would have shown that he already had taken the exam.

Thanks for your attention to this issue! 

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