Update on computers in CENTER 311B

CENTER 311B is the reduced distraction room with only 4 Macs.

These Macs are set up slightly differently than the testing computers in the Main Testing Room–CENTER 304. Do not put students taking essay exams on these computers… there is an issue with cursor jumping which I am trying to get resolved.

Students have used this room for testing for multiple choice online exams and written exams. Anyone can request to use this room on the spot.

I am working on setting this up for students to reserve for testing requiring reduced distraction.  For now, I am keeping a list on the back of the door.  Let me know if students ask to reserve the room and write down their name, Instructor and day/time they want to reserve the room.

Two Dental Hygiene students have requested to use the room today at 1:30pm for a 3 hour exam.

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