Transferring calls to a different extension on campus…

If you get a call and want to transfer the student to a different number on campus, here is how:

  1. Look the number up on one of the phone lists on the bulletin board or using the online directory. (There is also a written directory next to the phone.)
  2. Tell the caller the number you are transferring them to in case you get disconnected.
  3. Push the transfer key and then type the last 4 digits of the phone number and hang up.  For example, my number is 541-463-5845–you would just enter 5845.

If you want to stay on the line and make sure the person is transferred or that the party answers, then in step 3 above you would push CONF and then transfer and the 4 digit extension, but do not hang up.  

The RED BUTTON is the HOLD BUTTON–you can use this to put a person on hold if you need to finish helping someone at the counter before taking the call.

Please feel free to ask me if you have questions on the new phones.


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