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Especially at this point in the term, some students may be making up previous exams, so before you click to open an exam, say, “so you are taking test 2?”or whatever you think the test number is that the student indicated.

Jeff BORROWDALE has an Extra Credit Exam for both his PHL 202 and PHL 203 exams, which some students may take before the final. but there have still been students taking exams 1 and 2 for his courses.

If the wrong test gets opened (which happens) because the student did not know the test number or fails to give you the correct info., then please Email the Instructor.


Reminder–submit your timesheets online before NOON Tuesday, 2/28/17

Include hours worked/to be worked tomorrow (2/28).

Put the signed copy in my box.


HSIAO’s next MATH 60 exam…

Exam #2 starts on Monday–PLEASE give students the special scratch paper that the Instructor dropped off, because they need to do graphing. 

Make sure students put their names on the scratch paper and that they hand in BOTH sheets.

Increasing font size on testing computers

Staff have to control the testing computer.

Hold down the Command key, the shift key and hit the plus sign repeatedly to increase the font.

To decrease the font size, hold the Command key and hit the minus sign.

It is best to increase the font BEFORE the timer starts on a timed test.

Supplies Needed list…

I  just ordered more tissues, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer.

If you notice we are running low on any supplies, then please write on the white board under, “Supplies Needed”.  I usually wait till I get about $50 worth of supplies at one time, so the shipping is free. 🙂


Scratch paper missing for HSIAO…

Does anyone remember if someone took the MTH 60 exam for HSIAO and did not turn in scratch paper?

Clint SMITH’s PS202 and PS 208 essay exams

These are online in MOODLE. 

FYI–there are alot of Instructions which also appear on the first question of the exam, so no need to wait for students to read them–there is no time limit on his exams, so just go ahead and open the exam for these students and they can read the LONG instructions themselves.

You can remind them no notes are allowed and that they should read the Instructions carefully. 😉


Finals Week and Spring term availability…

Please let me know your availability for FINALS week–there is a sheet in your box for you to fill out.  Please double check the times for your finals and let me know when you want to be available to work.

The green sheet in your box is for you to let me know your availability for SPRING TERM.  Please fill this out as soon as you know your availability…

Timesheets are due tomorrow at NOON

You need to submit your hours by NOON WED. 2/15/17 or before…

Please include hours worked through tomorrow.

I have to have them approved by 2pm tomorrow. so if you can make sure to do this so I don’t need to track you down with questions on your timesheet, that would be great!


Escobar’s HST 202 Exam

This is online in MOODLE; HYBRID course.

No notes allowed.