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Re-posting this for new staff…

Helpful Hints when proctoring in the testing room

I think Kenya showed many of you this, but she suggested the idea of how to set up the screens on the staff computer in CENTER 304 when you are proctoring in that room.


I will save the screenshot on the desktop for you to refer to, but you can see a snapshot of it above.  Kenya pointed out some key points about this set up is that you can see the front desk from this view–if you have the camera set to show the front desk, so you can see when it gets busy and you can come help check students into exams.

If you sort the computer listing on the apple remote desktop software by Current Status instead of by computer number, then you can have all the computers on which students are testing at the top and easily select (highlight) all of the active computers to observe them.  

You can move the observation window that comes up for observing the computers so it fits on the screen as the numbers if active computers changes.

If you are observing all the active computers, then it is easier to see if someone has already logged out of MOODLE and you can lock their screen as they exit the testing room.  You can also be monitoring whether/not students are navigating away from their test, which they should not be doing. 😉

Thanks Kenya for the suggestion!  

Please feel free to Email me if any of you think of other helpful hints or ideas when you think of them and we can use this blog to share ideas!

Submit timesheet online by Noon Tuesday, 1/31


The deadline for all employees submitting time sheets on ExpressLane is

Noon, Tuesday, 1/31.   Include all hours scheduled on Tuesday, 1/31. 

Please also fill out your written timesheet and put in my box.

Tip: The deadline for all employees to submit time sheets is the 15th and the last day of the month. However, there may be a couple of exceptions throughout the year due to holidays and weekends.