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Timesheets due this Wed. NOV 30th at NOON.


The deadline for all employees submitting time sheets in ExpressLane is

Noon, Wednesday, 11/30.

Please include all hours to be worked 11/16 through 11/30.

Thermostats in Checkin area and in Main Testing Room (Center 304)

You can now moderate the thermostat by holding the buttons below the arrows on the right hand side of the thermostats.  Up arrow to turn heat up and down arrow to turn heat down.

Students should be reminded to put their coats in the lockers. 🙂


GIS 151 Exam #2 for SONGER

A couple students may come in to take this exam online for this Online course Saturday.

Please give them one sheet of scratch paper, a calculator, paper strips and a topo map (located on top of file cabinet).

I am leaving Lynn Songer’s cell # at the first check in station for you to call if there is any issue with logging students into the exam, etc. Please do not give this out to students.

Helpful Hints when proctoring in the testing room

I think Kenya showed many of you this, but she suggested the idea of how to set up the screens on the staff computer in CENTER 304 when you are proctoring in that room.


I will save the screenshot on the desktop for you to refer to, but you can see a snapshot of it above.  Kenya pointed out some key points about this set up is that you can see the front desk from this view–if you have the camera set to show the front desk, so you can see when it gets busy and you can come help check students into exams.

If you sort the computer listing on the apple remote desktop software by Current Status instead of by computer number, then you can have all the computers on which students are testing at the top and easily select (highlight) all of the active computers to observe them.  

You can move the observation window that comes up for observing the computers so it fits on the screen as the numbers if active computers changes.

If you are observing all the active computers, then it is easier to see if someone has already logged out of MOODLE and you can lock their screen as they exit the testing room.  You can also be monitoring whether/not students are navigating away from their test, which they should not be doing. 😉

Thanks Kenya for the suggestion!  

Please feel free to Email me if any of you think of other helpful hints or ideas when you think of them and we can use this blog to share ideas!

Hours next week…

Just a reminder if anyone asks, Thanksgiving Week we will close at 2pm on Wednesday.  Closed Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Re-open Monday (Week 10) our regular hours and then FINALS WEEK we are open: MON-WED: 8:30am-7pm; THURS: 8:30am-5pm.  We close at 5pm Thursday of Finals Week and we are not officially open Friday, although some instructors will send students to take exams between 9am and NOON Finals Week.

FN 225 (Nutrition) Exam #3 for Tamberly Powell

If you have trouble accessing this exam for students, please have the student try to log in to MOODLE a second time.

There was a student earlier today who had trouble accessing the exam and staff Emailed the Instructor (Thanks!)

Trouble shooting the exam this evening, I logged in as the student and the first time it bumped me back to the main MOODLE page for the course. The second time it let me in.

If you are unsuccessful logging the student into the exam, then contact me–we will need to contact the ATC at x3377.

Title IX Training

If you have not done the online Title IX Training, then go to:

and please complete it.

I can take a computer out of kiosk mode in the small testing room and you can complete it there.




Free Classes on assault prevention offered tomorrow…


Public Safety is offering another Sexual Assault/Dating & Domestic Violence Awareness/Self-Defense training series. The trainings are free:

* Sexual Assault Awareness Training, Wednesday, November 16, 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Building 4, Room 105. This class is open to the entire college community as well as the general public. During this one-hour class, attendees will be given instruction on how to prevent sexual assaults and harassment; what to do and not do if you are sexually assaulted; and how and where to report incidents.

* Dating and Domestic Violence Awareness, November 16, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Building 4, Room 105. The Dating and Domestic Violence Awareness presentation was put together with the goal of helping people out of abusive relationships, recognizing abusive relationships (whether its their own relationship or a friends/family). Instructors will provide information on warning signs of abuse, what abuse is, making a plan to get away safely, resources around the college and the community (both emergency and legal). There will also be information about restraining orders and stalking orders, and handouts on resources and safety planning.

* Basic Self-Defense Training, November 16, 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Building 4, Room 105. This class is open to the entire college community as well as the general public. During the four-hour class, which will be taught by Corporal Ryan Sager, Rape Aggression Defense instructor, attendees will be led through a series of warm up exercises to help loosen up and prevent injury. Participants will be instructed on proper methods to perform a variety of strikes and escape techniques. Be sure to wear loose fitting clothing. Participants will be monitored as they practice their new skills on strike bags and assistants.

In addition to hands-on exercises, participants will learn about personal safety in parking lots, including situational awareness, walking confidently and with head held high, and having.

For more information call Public Safety Corporal Ryan Sager at (541) 463-5559.

Blue schedule sheets in your box…

are for you to shade in your availability for Winter Term when you know your availability.  Please also attach your student schedule.

Finals week schedules

I left Finals week schedules in your boxes.

Please double check when your Finals will be and shade in the times you want to be available for working.

Finals week we are open: Mon-Wed: 8:30am-7pm, Thurs 8:30am-5pm

Fridays we are not officially open–just here for emergency make-ups from 9am-Noon, so I usually schedule 2 people to work 9-1pm.

Please fill these out so I can get the Finals schedule done!