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MAAHS’ DH 270 Midterm opens Tuesday, NOV 1st.

Students are NOT allowed to use scratch paper. NO translation dictionaries, even for ESL/ELL students. No notes; No resources of any kind are allowed on her exams.

Increasing font size on testing computers

Students cannot increase font size from their testing stations, however if a student wants their font size increased, then remotely control their computer and hit and hold down Command/Shift/+ and increase the font to the desired size.  

We had a student taking Escobar’s midterm today who asked about increasing the font size on his exam after he had completed the test.

Please read test info for Dental Hygiene (DH) and Nursing (NUR) Exams

Some Instructors do not want students to use any type of translation dictionary even if a student is an English Language Learner (ELL) student.  

I have Emailed all Health Professions Instructors to get clarification from them, but in the meantime if an Instructor says, “No resources allowed” in their test description, then assume that students cannot use translation dictionaries.  If a question comes up, then please Email the Instructor and ask me.

Same goes for scratch paper–unless there is a statement in the test description box (which you see when you pull up the tests), which says, “Scratch paper allowed”, then do not assume students can use it on the Dental Hygiene and Nursing exams.

The reason Instructors are not wanting to allow translation dictionaries and sometimes no scratch paper, is that they are trying to replicate what students will be allowed to have during the national exams, and scratch paper could be taken out of the testing center and used to share information with other students who have not yet tested.

Lynn Songer’s GEOG 142 Exam #1

We keep getting a message that reads “The Java Script code seems to be stuck in a loop. Do you want to continue the Java Script execution, ” when people try to save their essays.

Please have students choose “yes” if this question pops up.  There is a delay in loading after they hit NEXT, but the page does eventually load.

Please ask me if you have questions about this.

CUMMINS’ DH113 (Dental Anatomy & Histology) and DH 118A (Clinical Dental Hygiene 1) Exams

Please do not allow allow students to use SCRATCH PAPER of any kind on CUMMINS’ Exams.  I was not aware of this until today when the Instructor expressed concern that some of her students had been allowed to use scratch paper on the DH 113 Exam #1.

Students are not allowed to use Dictionaries (even if English is not their native language).

No pencils, no notes, or testing aids of any kind are allowed and NO SCRATCH PAPER.



A reminder about note cards…

Tomorrow, 10/20 is the deadline for BORROWDALE’s PHL 201 Exam #1.  He allows students to use a 3 x 5 notecard. Best practice is to have students write the INSTRUCTOR’s last name and their name on the notecard as you are checking them into the exam.  That way we will know where to file the notecard when they hand it in.

Light switches in CENTER 304–the main testing room ;-)

When you leave at night, no need to switch off the light switches (located to the right as you walk in the door).  If you leave them on, then they will go off and on automatically when students/staff enter the room.

There are dimmer switches located near the exit door, which can be used to increase the brightness in the room if a student requests this.

Math Exams this term and the need to clean up eraser “guts”!

We now have Math 10 online (MITCHELL), 2 sections of Math 60 online (HSIAO) and 3 sections of Math 95 online (MARTINEK), so deadline days for these exams will yield many eraser trails on the cubicle desks.

Thanks for your diligence in collecting and filing these students’ scratch paper!

 If you are working an evening shift, especially on a deadline day for a math exam, then please sweep up the eraser “guts” from the desks between 6-7pm when you are no longer crazy busy checking students into exams. If you wipe down some stations and also do the usual pushing in of chairs and collecting paper clips, the morning shift folks won’t have a mess to clean up first thing the next morning.

I know that some students are allergic to the wipes’ smell so if it is a deadline evening with students testing up to 7pm, then just sweep the stations.

If it is slow first thing in the morning (unlike this morning), then please do a walk through and wipe down any stations that look like they need it.  Opening shift can be a good time to check the stock of scratch paper and stamp more, if needed, and sharpen pencils if the can with pencils in it that says, “Sharpen me” is full.

Another task for evening shift between 6-7pm or first thing in the am is to go through and see if any lockers are locked shut and use the manager key to unlock them.  😉




Thanks everyone for your attention to detail in checking students into exams!  I like that you are entering info. in the comments box–that’s really helpful!It is only the middle of week 4 and we have had over 300 students take exams!



Earthquake drill scheduled Thurs 10/20 at 10:20am

Good Afternoon!

This is a reminder that tomorrow Lane will be participating in the annual Great Shakeout Drill. Please join us and other organizations world wide to refresh our earthquake preparedness knowledge.

Tomorrow at 10:20, you will hear an announcement come over the loud speakers in your area. It will inform you that the drill has begun. Remember that when an earthquake strikes, we want to DROP, COVER and HOLD ON! Once concluded, you will hear an announcement indicating the drill has ended.

We always love to see the photos of those who participate. Feel free to send them in and we can create a Facebook album. Send them to

The drill will last about 3 minutes total. Please take the time to participate. Even if you don’t get under your desk, thinking about it will help in a real situation.

If you need some guidance, learn from Ty!

Thanks for working together to make Lane a safer place to work and learn.

Dawn Barth
Dawn Marie Barth
Emergency and Risk Management Coordinator
Lane Community College