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Staffing Schedule for weeks 9-11 are on the white board…


Notes for Weeks 9-11

Dear Staff,

There is a staff contact list in my box and the ITS phone number is 541-463-5781, if you need to call your co-workers because you are running late and/or find a sub for your shift.

On the back of the staff contact list I also listed my contact numbers and Kaaren McGlynn and John Arle’s numbers.  Please do not give these numbers out to students. It is always best to use the Problem Report Form if there is an issue with one of their exams first, since sometimes they are reached more easily by Email, then follow up with a phone call if you do not hear from them. 😉

There are no test deadlines this week or next week, just make up exams. Kirk Donavin, Eric Kim and Tim Ingalsbee are all in Social Science, so you can return these tests to their mailboxes and note it in the Written Test Binder.

Week 11 we have Kaaren McGlynn’s BA 213 Final,  McGlynn’s BT 165 Final and John Arle’s BI 232 Final.

FOR BT 165: Please give BT 165 students the packet for the final and have them turn it in.  No notes allowed. Students can use a simple (non-graphing) calculator–ours or theirs.

FOR BA 213: If students need scratch paper, then give them the full sheets and let them know they need to answer the BA 213 questions on the exam itself–the Instructor lives out of town and will not be coming to campus to pick up scratch paper. No notes allowed. Students can use a simple (non-graphing) calculator–ours or theirs.

One student–Name withheld has been granted a 4 hour extended time limit for the BA 213 Final.

FOR BI 232: No notes allowed. This test is online–50 multiple choice. Instructor recommends 90 minute time allotment.

In the unlikely event that there is an escalated student situation, (that is, a frustrated angry student insisting to talk to your supervisor immediately) then please contact: Lori Wamsley, Library Director at 541-463-5824 effective Tuesday, August 15th, since my supervisor, Ian Coronado will be out from 8/15 through 9/14. For WEEK 11, Please contact Phil Martinez, Interim Dean of Social Science, since Lori Wamsley will be out that week. His contact is 541-463-5430.

Audrey Mills in Distance Learning is the contact person for students needing to set up proctored testing at non-LCC locations for an LCC course. Contact her at: 541-463-5368.

Students inquiring regarding work positions, etc. can contact me via Email: or my work phone: 541-463-5845.

If there are issues with the computers, then please contact the Academic Technology Center at 541-463-3377 and send problem reports to the Instructor(s) to document any system wide issues.  Remember, the Instructions for what to do if the Internet goes down are on the front of the blue binder.

Thank you all in advance for your help and I hope I see you all soon!

Timesheets need to be submitted online today before NOON

Include all hours worked/to be worked through today (8/15).