Monthly Archives: July 2016

Timesheets will be due next Wednesday (7/27) at NOON

Please plan accordingly.

You will include all hours worked/to be worked through next Wednesday.  7/16-7/31 pay period).

Please Email me if you cannot enter your hours online.  HR loaded all the part-time staff PAFs last pay period and we had to have them make a few corrections.

HOVET’s BA281–Personal Finance Midterm

This is online in MOODLE.  No notes allowed.

STEFANOVSKA’s SPAN 103 exam is written

Located in top file drawer.  No notes allowed.

Class list in 3rd file drawer for you to mark the names off on… 😉

HENDERSON’s MTH 243 Midterm

This test is online in MOODLE.

Please check student’s notecards and their graphing calculators–they are allowed to bring their own.

The scratch paper is in the top file–it has the tables they will need for the exam on the front.

Tell students to hand in their notecards and scratch–you can staple the notecard to the scratch paper.