Monthly Archives: May 2016

Timesheets have been approved for this pay period

There should be a copy of your timesheets for May 16-31st in your box.

If there are adjustments that need to be made, then please Email me and we will make sure to make those adjustments on the next pay period, which will be the last one for this term.

Students wearing sweaters/sweatshirts….

When we ask students to put all of their belongings in the lockers, if a student insists on wearing his/her sweatshirt or sweater into the testing room,  then please tell them that if they get too warm to put their sweatshirt on the wooden shelf.  I have heard many  of you doing this already, given how hot it has been in there!

Please DO NOT ask students to turn out their pockets.   If students elect to wear their sweater or sweatshirt, then we should be proctoring them more closely.

BOOZER’s BT 165 Exam #2 starts Thurs am 5/19/16

REMEMBER–this is the 2 part test–Part 1 online; Part 2 is written and we write the time they start and end Part 2 on the test.

KEPKA’s Math 10 online exam #2

Exam 2 closed on the 25th of April, but I talked to the Instructor today and she said several students are making up exam #2.  She is going to post an announcement in MOODLE for her students.

REMEMBER that for this course, the Instructor has a separate “course” for just the exams, when checking students into this exam.

The Final does not officially open until the Saturday before FINALS week.

HSIAO’s Math 60 online exam opens at Noon

Please be sure to give students scratch paper so they can show their work and they need to hand it in with their name on it for credit.

Extra manager override key for lockers…

Kenya pointed out that if we return the key to the file cabinet at 6:45pm and then someone is locked out of their locker, then we would not be able to get access to the Manager override key, unless we called Public Safety.

If you are working a closing shift, then please check in with me about the location of a second manager key. 🙂


Finals Week Availability and Summer availability…

I have put Finals Week Schedules in everyone’s boxes for you to fill in with your availability.  Finals Week is June 6th-10th, although we are unofficially open from 9am-Noon only on Friday of Finals Week.

The times I entered for your final exams are based on the schedules you gave me at the start of the term–please double check to make sure those Final times are correct.

Please check in with me about Summer Term and give me your SUMMER schedules and availability as soon as you have that info.  Summer term we will be open for sure weeks 2-11–June 27th-Aug.1st for sure Mon-Thurs from 9am-5pm at a minimum.

Key return closing policy

Just a reminder that we should return the keys to the Library Circulation Desk at 6:45pm in the evenings, so that Library Staff do not have to wait for us.  Then you can come back and close down computers, etc.

We usually have at least 2 people scheduled until 7pm, so this should not be an issue.

Please lock the file cabinet and make sure the test tracking binder is filed in the 2nd file drawer before you return the keys.

If there are still students taking exams and no one has a key to the file, then leave the test(s) and scratch paper in the basket on top and Email me to let me know that you were unable to file the exams.



The cut off time to enter your hours for pay period 5/1/16-5/15/16 is NOON this Friday the 13th.  Make sure to include all your hours worked Friday the 13th and Sat the 14th. 😉

Please fill out and sign timesheets and enter and submit your hours online by NOON Friday or before.


Please give students a topo map for completing the GIS 151 Exam #2

There are 2 links for Exam #2–the one they take here is the 2nd link for “Testing Lab (CEN 311)”.  Most students took the online exam in class today.

Please give students one of the laminated topo maps–Eugene East.  They will need it for questions 16-19 on the exam.

The second link is the take at home part–they do not take that here–they can take it from home, open book.