Monthly Archives: April 2016

Timesheets are due Friday at NOON

The cut off time to enter your hours for pay period 4/16-4/30 is NOON this Friday.

Please fill out and sign timesheets and enter and submit your hours online by NOON Friday or before.


Campus is closed for Memorial Day, Monday May 30th

The Testing Center will be open normal hours the Friday and Saturday before Memorial Day and the Tuesday following Memorial Day.

Online PSY 215 Midterm

Instructor: Lindy BEANE

No notes allowed; Exam is online in MOODLE for ONLINE course.

This Instructor will have WRITTEN make-ups for her PSY 215 LECTURE courses in the 2nd file drawer.

HOVET’s BA 281 Midterm

This test is online in MOODLE.  There is a HYBRID course and an ONLINE course, so ask students which section they are in.

No notes allowed.

Nursing 233 (Pathophysiological Processes 2) Midterm opens today at NOON

The exam is online in MOODLE–record INSTRUCTOR as BLICKLE.

The test is timed–no notes or books allowed.  NO TRANSLATION DICTIONARIES ALLOWED.

Have students get settled in the testing room before opening the test for them.

Be sure to remind them that we have earplugs and headphones available for them to use during testing.

MANNING’s HO 100 Midterm

is online in MOODLE.  There are 100 multiple choice questions, so be sure to remind students that the NEXT button functions as a SAVE button and they should save periodically during the exam.

Friday, May 6th Campus is closed

for staff conference.

The Testing Center will be closed Friday, May 6th.

We will be open normal hours Saturday, May 7th,9am-1pm.

BENJAMIN’s GEOG 141 make up exams…

These are written exams in drawer #2.

Please make sure to give students the following for use during their exam:

  1. one of the topographical maps on the top of the file cabinet
  2. a calculator
  3. a ruler


PS–The topo maps that were on the file are in my office–those were for the GIS 151 online students to use.  I moved them so we wouldn’t get confused. 😉

Instructors dropping off written exams….

If I am here when an Instructor is dropping off a written exam, then it is really helpful if I can check in with them when they are here, instead of having to track them down after they leave to find out information.

There are some WRITTEN TEST PULL DATE FORMS–half sheets in front of the checkin that you can have Instructors fill out and s/he should check in with me, vs.just leaving tests at the counter.

If I am not in, then please have Instructors fill out the half sheet and Email me to let me know there are some tests that were dropped off.


SONGER’s GIS 151 Exam

This is an online exam.

No notes allowed; Give students a calculator, a topo map and a packet with a sheet of scratch paper and paper strips that they should hand in after the exam.

Topo maps and packets are on top of the file cabinet.