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Week 9 Announcements

Exams ending Monday, 2/29/16:

KEPKA–MTH 10 Exam #2–give students scratch paper with KEPKA’s name on it and tell them to number their problems. No notes allowed; Online exam; Online course

OWEN–GS147–Oceanography–Exam #2Exam closes at 6pm, so let students know if they check in at 5pm. No notes allowed; Online exam; Online course

BAXTER–GS142–Earth Revealed–Exam #2; No notes allowed; Online exam; Online course

Exams starting Monday, 2/29/16:

MAAHS-DH271–Periodontology 2 (Dental Hygiene) Final Exam–No notes allowed; Online exam; Online course; TIME LIMIT, so send students into the testing room and let them get settled before you open the test for them.

ADAMS–PSY 110 Exam #3--online course–WRITTEN EXAM–top file drawer. NO NOTES ALLOWED.

NOTE: KOLBUSS exam #3 will be administered IN CLASS.

Scheduling study rooms

Students need to contact the circulation desk in the library on the 2nd floor–x5273 to schedule study rooms or ask for them to be unlocked.   We can call the circulation desk for them. 😉


Phone List on side of file cabinet

I put up a new phone list on the side of the file cabinet facing the phone side.

Students sometimes come into our testing center looking for an exam that we do not have–a student just came in looking for a Spanish test and I called the Social Science office and there were no exams in my box, so then we called the CENTER 451 Language and Testing Lab.

If you need to call the Science Resource Center, Math Resource Center, Language and Testing Lab (CENTER 451) for example, then you can call to verify if a student’s exam is there.



Dictionaries in testing…

Students are allowed to use our written translation dictionaries.  We do not let students use their own dictionaries or electronic dictionaries unless the Instructor specifies on the exam that they are allowed to do so.

I just caught someone today using her own dictionary and she had post it notes in the center of it…

DUYCK’s PTA 132 exam #2 is Wed, 2/24/16

There will be a few students taking PTA 132 Exam #2 today–same as usual–timed exam, open once they are settled at their station. No notes allowed.

ANDERSON’s Online HST 105 exams

This exam is in MOODLE–One 3 x 5 note card allowed during testing.

BT 165 Exams

REMEMBER there are 2 different instructors for BT 165.

For BOOZER’s BT 165 exam, (ONLINE COURSE) Part one is on the computer and Part 2 is written–top file drawer.

For GILLETT’s BT 165 exam, (HYBRID COURSE) the entire exam is WRITTEN–top file drawer.

(NOTE: GILLETT also has a Written BA 213 exams and online BA 281 exams.)

If a student does not know their Instructor’s name, then please have them look it up in myLane. WE WANT TO BE CAREFUL NOT TO GIVE BOOZER’S STUDENTS THE GILLETT EXAM.

For both Instructors, any calculator is allowed–(please check for notes) and no note are allowed.


Borrowdale’s Extra Credit exams for PHL 202 and PHL 203

Starting this week, Borrowdale’s PHL 202 and PHL 203 students can take an “Extra Credit Exam” online in MOODLE.

When you are checking students into BORROWDALE’s exams, remember to double check which exam the student is wanting and ask to check the note card, if the student has one.

For all BORROWDALE’s exams, students are allowed one 3 x 5 note card, which they turn in at the end of the exam.

DUYCk’s PTA 103 exam is today–Monday, 2/22/16

Students have 1hr 30 min to complete the exam which is online in MOODLE.   Send students in to read the info on the introduction screen and have them give you a thumbs up when they are ready to start the exam.

Online course.  NO NOTES ALLOWED.

We can give students a sheet or a half sheet of scratch paper.

The course is listed as, “Thorpe–PTA 103”, even though Duyck is the Instructor.

Student re-taking a BORROWDALE exam

There is a student’s scarf and 3 x 5 notecard on the top of the file cabinet for when she comes in to re-take the BORROWDALE exam.  There was an issue with her exam yesterday and the Instructor is allowing her a re-take.