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Cameras on the PC’s…

Until we get the software installed on the PCs at the checkin we can try leaving those computers in sleep mode instead of turning them off at night–that would save having to re-set them up every day.

You should be able to just enter the password (same password used for macs at checkin) and then refresh each tab.  Don’t exit out of the tabs or there is a username and password required to re-open the tabs. (They are currently opened in a web interface–IP address.  Don’t worry if that does not make sense 😉

Currently, I just have tabbed views of CENTER 304.

Saturday Staff Notes–Please read…

There are tests for Jill Gillett to pick up in in the third file drawer–one envelope for BA 213 and BT165 exams.  I already checked them off in the Written Test Tracking Binder, which is in the 2nd file drawer.

Judy BOOZER’s BT 165 exam ends tomorrow–this is for the ONLINE COURSE–part 1 is on computer and Part 2 is written.  Students have 2 hours to complete BOTH parts.

The time you write on part 2 is just the time that they start/end the written part.


THEY CAN USE ANY CALCULATOR though, as long as it is not on their phone.

The Instructor will be picking up the exams tomorrow at the end of the day.

PLEASE leave the class list in the drawer after you have alphabetized and highlighted the completed tests on the list.

HELZER’s ANTH 102 Exam #1 for her ONLINE course is ONLINE in MOODLE and ends tomorrow as well.

LEUNG’s Online exam for his PSY 202 Lecture students should be available online–One 3 x 5 note card is allowed.

OWEN’s GS 147 ONLINE Exam #1 ends MONDAY; No notes allowed. This test is also available for students to take in the Science Resource Center, Building 16, ext. 5041

ADAMS’ PSY 110 exam #1 is WRITTEN–online course–no notes allowed; ONLINE COURSE.

SMITH’s PS 208 exams are also ready for pick up–in envelope–third file if he comes by tomorrow to get them.



Thanks for your help this week!!!

Amidst the issues we were having with the essay exams, and some days of short staffing, you helped proctor almost 450 exams this week!!!!

I really appreciate everyone’s help and keeping a good attitude!

You guys rock!

ANDERSON’s HST 105 online exams are now in MOODLE

Online courses which still have WRITTEN exams  in the top file drawer are:

ADAMS’ PSY 110 online course

BRODERICK’s HST 202 online course

NOTE:  For those of you who have been working here previous terms–there are enough copies of the ADAMS and BRODERICK exams–file the scantron with the exams in the third file drawer.