Monthly Archives: December 2015

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Thanks again for all your help this term!

I will be back in the office on Monday, Jan. 4th!

If you Email me and I do not respond, then assume I have not read it–will be away from Email for awhile.

Will check in with you all at the beginning of Winter Term!


Timesheets due before you leave this week…

Please be diligent and put all of your hours on the written timesheet AND ONLINE if you want to be paid for all hours worked this pay period.

Restroom Policy

Thanks for reminding students to use the restroom before starting their exams.

In cases of dire need, we can walk a student to the restroom if absolutely necessary. Sometimes students are testing for 2 hours or more. Feel free to check in with me about this.

If you walk a student to the rest room, then you would need to document this by filling out the test problem report and let the Instructor know that you walked a student to the rest room, since we cannot know for sure if s/he is looking at notes/texting.

In the report, indicate when the student started the exam, and at what time you walked the student to the rest room and how much time was lost.  Timed tests will not allow for additional time, etc. so we would want to document this.



Need to keep our voices down in checkin

Hi Everyone,

Some of Berri HSIAO’s students for Math 95 complained that staff were talking loudly and laughing and that our voices carry into the testing room.

Let’s remind each other to keep our voices down in the checkin area, and also remind students that we have earplugs and noise canceling headphones that they can choose to use.

If you are in the testing room locking stations, then please keep the talk in the testing room limited to whispering to the student, “Which station were you on?” when they leave, so that you can check to see if s/he logged out of MOODLE and lock the station.

Any discussions or socializing, including asking me a question–come on out into the main checkin area to ask.

Thanks for your attention to this!

Final Timesheets for this term

will be due next week.

PLEASE make sure to fill out a written timesheet and ALSO ENTER YOUR HOURS ONLINE before you leave for the holiday break.

Only about half of you actually entered your hours online this last pay period and it slows down the payroll approval process.

It is best to enter your time online after each shift that you work.


Scratch paper for Math Finals

We will have students taking Finals for MATH 10  (MITCHELL) and MATH 95 (Berri HSIAO).

Please be sure to give students scratch paper pre-labelled for MATH 10 and MATH 95 and tell students to show their work and number their problems.

They should make sure to put their name on all sheets, staple together multiple sheets and turn them in to us when testing is complete.