I will be out of the office Friday, 10/23

Please make sure one of you is in the testing room proctoring, when there are 3 of you scheduled.  

We are still working out what works best when checking students in–seems like if person at station 1 assigns students to computers 18-40 and person at station 2 assigns people to computers 1-17, that might work better than the other way around.

We were also experimenting today with having just written tests in the back row (#33-40), since it is hard to have to get up and look each time if a station is locked–let’s try just keeping those locked and setting up written exams there.  Let me know if you think that helps the flow…

Email Instructors if there are any concerns or irregularities during anyone’s exam.

Thanks for all of your help!

One response to “I will be out of the office Friday, 10/23

  1. Carly Fenton-Wyrick

    We had a lot of people taking written tests near each other, it was harder to stagger people, but easier to see where to put people.

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