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Please turn in your timesheets and submit your hours online by this Thursday, 10/29

Include all hours worked/scheduled to be worked from Friday, 10/16 through Saturday, 10/31.

If you do not know how to enter your hours online, then ask me to show you how to enter and submit your hours online.



Active Shooter Training Scheduled for Friday, Nov. 6th

There is a training scheduled next Friday on campus–please let me know if you are interested in attending and I will get you the details.

Temperature in CENTER 304, etc.

Staff reported that the temperature in CENTER 304 was 80 degrees on Saturday, which is too hot!

Please continue to Email me documentation of the heat variance in our new space.  The more information you can write in an Email the better.  For example, “At 10am 10/24 the temperature gauge in CENTER 304 is reading 80 degrees and students are complaining.”

Here are the temperature guidelines from Facilities:


We at Facilities Management and Planning understand the importance of a comfortable work and study environment and want to work with everyone to save energy and maintain comfort.

With the change of season upon us this is an appropriate time to remind everyone of the indoor temperature guidelines, adopted in 2006 as part of the energy policy, and in an effort to balance a comfortable learning and working environment with energy conservation.  We recognize that comfort varies for individuals, and have developed indoor temperature guidelines based on scientific studies to create comfortable conditions for the greatest number of students and staff.

Warm Weather Month Guidelines:  74 to 77 degrees F

Cool Weather Month Guidelines:  68 to 73 degrees F

Ancillary Space (Hallways, Lobbies, Stairwells): 63 to 82 degrees F


  • During transition months, such as October and April, guideline ranges expand to 68 to 77.  These expanded ranges also apply during extreme weather conditions and periods of high electric demand.
  • Guidelines are applied during normal business hours.
  • Staff and students are encouraged to wear clothing that can be adjusted to maintain personal comfort.

If you feel that temperatures are too high, (higher than 78 degrees F), or too cool, (lower than 68 degrees F), in your area please contact Facilities Management and Planning at ext. 5216 or e-mail at



Testing Center Opening/Closing Procedures

There is a new opening/closing procedures checklist at staff station 1 on the clipboard.

Please initial each item and let me know if I should add any items or if something is unclear.

Try not to seat anyone at station #4

Remember that is where I have computers 3,4, and 8-12 plugged in and I do not want anyone to accidentally hit the reset button where it is plugged in at station 4…

Also, I mentioned this to a few folks, but it is best to seat students at stations 17 and 22 only as a last resort–they are near the door and it is distracting–not a primo spot!

I will be out of the office Friday, 10/23

Please make sure one of you is in the testing room proctoring, when there are 3 of you scheduled.  

We are still working out what works best when checking students in–seems like if person at station 1 assigns students to computers 18-40 and person at station 2 assigns people to computers 1-17, that might work better than the other way around.

We were also experimenting today with having just written tests in the back row (#33-40), since it is hard to have to get up and look each time if a station is locked–let’s try just keeping those locked and setting up written exams there.  Let me know if you think that helps the flow…

Email Instructors if there are any concerns or irregularities during anyone’s exam.

Thanks for all of your help!

TESTS ending Saturday, 10/24

1) GILLETT’s BA 213–Managerial Accounting Exam #1–ONLINE COURSE; WRITTEN EXAM (top file drawer)

No notes allowed; Calculator OK–any calculator allowed–no internet devices and no phones allowed.



Students have 2 attempts to take these exams–there is a half hour delay between the time they submit the 1st attempt and the time that the 2nd attempt is available.


One 3 x 5 notecard allowed.


One 3 x 5 notecard allowed.


No notes allowed; Scantron and short answer.


TESTS ending Friday, 10/23

BOOZER’s BT 165 exam #1 ends on Friday, (although there are at least 2 students who are taking the exam on Saturday).


Two part exam–first part is ONLINE; sign students up for the online section first and tell them they need to come get the written part after they complete the online section.

Part 2 in in the top file drawer.

Students can use any calculator–you can give them one of the simple calculators that we have or they can use theirs–NO INTERNET DEVICES ALLOWED


Exams opening today–Wed 10/22

BORROWDALE’s REL 203 exam #1 opens at 3pm today; ONLINE EXAM One 3 x 5 note card allowed; There are 2 sections–one is online–ask students which section they are in and report that on the checkin.

GILLETT’s BA 213–Managerial Accounting–Exam #1–WRITTEN EXAM–top file; NO NOTECARD ALLOWED; ANY calculator allowed–they can use theirs or ours–as long as it has no internet connectivity.

BAXTER’s GS147 Exam #1–Oceanography–Exam #1–ONLINE Exam;  No notes allowed

Outside/Inside Locks on the entry doors–Please make sure you know how to lock the doors with the key…

Below are the Instructions for locking the door–this sounds alot more complicated than it is!!!

The key unlocks the door from the outside. The outside lock overrides the inside “lock/unlock” function with the push bar.

What that means is, even if the inside bars are in the out (locked) position, if the lock on the outside of the door is not also locked, then the door will not be locked. 😉 

I want us to get in the habit of unlocking and then re-locking the doors from the outside when we open in the morning. To do this, with the bars on the inside still in the “out”/locked position, re-lock the door on the outside.  Another staff person on the inside then pushes the bars in and holds them in place by turning the allen keys (unlocks from inside). 

This way in an Emergency, the doors can be locked easily from the inside by turning the allen keys, because they will already be locked on the outside.

When you leave, please turn both handles on the outer doors and pull on the doors to verify that the doors are locked. As long as you cannot open the doors by turning the handles, then you are good to go!

If for some reason, you cannot lock the doors, then contact Public Safety at 541-463-5558.