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FYI–The Titan Store will be closed Wed and Thurs this week

Titan Store will be conducting its annual inventory on Wednesday and Thursday, July 1st and 2nd.

We will be completely closed, including the convenience store, except for Bus Pass stickers for students.

Thank you.

Titan Store

Thanks for all your help during FINALS WEEK!

You proctored over 600 exams in 4 days!!!!

Over 2,600 exams this term!

I really appreciate your help this term and this year!

Enjoy the break and Happy Graduation to those of you who graduated!

Final Exam for Shannon GAUL’s EXMS 294 course

is online.

The name of the course is, “Foundations of Fitness Management“.

The exam link is listed in the right column as “ACSM Practice Exam (Final Exam)”.

Students will be coming in to take the exam today–please seat them far from the checkin station, if possible–it is a timed 2 hour exam.

Give students one sheet of scratch paper. They can use any calculator as long as it is not on a phone or other electronic device.

Please fill out your timesheet before you leave this week…

so that I do not have to track you down on Friday morning.

CANDEE’s PS203 Final

is being proctored in class.

There are a few copies of this exam in the 2nd file drawer for early/late testers.


Exam 2 for CANDEE’s PS 203 and MARTINEZ’s ECON 202 LECTURE courses

are now in the 2nd file drawer, since they are “make-ups” at this point.

The finals for these classes are at the designated class times.

Next week, I will pull exam #2 for both course, unless the Instructor writes the name of a student on the exam.

There will most likely be “make-ups”–early or late test takers for the FINAL EXAM for both of these classes.  I will put these in the 2nd file drawer under CANDEE and MARTINEZ.

FINAL EXAMS for Tom TURNER’s Criminal Justice classes

There will be FINAL exams in the top file drawer for Tom TURNER’s Criminal Justice classes:

CJA 110 an CJA 243

No notes allowed on his exams.

One written exam for KOLBUSS’s PSY 202 student is in the 2nd file drawer.

The student’s name is on the exam.

Checkin browser change

You need to use Firefox for the browser.  I have save all of the tabs needed.

Sign into the checkin list using the username: and use the same password that you use to login to the staff computers.

If you do not know this, then please ask me.

You should be checking to verify that the information you entered is appearing in the database (checkin list).