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Did anyone see a blue coffee mug with a lid?

Sheri left it in the lab last Wednesday.

Timesheets are due tomorrow am…

Include all hours worked/scheduled to work for pay period May 16-31 (i.e. include hrs for Fri/Sat)

Have the written copy in my box by tomorrow am and submit your hours online by Friday at noon.

Some students will still be coming in to take the MTH 10 online exam 2

Make sure to give students a sheet of scratch paper labelled, KEPKA MTH10 and have them number their problems.

This is the one they can have one 3 x 5 card with their multiplication table on it, which they should staple t the back of the scratch paper when they are done testing.

KEPKA’s MATH 10 Exam #2

Remember that the video takes time to load on this MOODLE site, so DO NOT CLICK on anything until the video has loaded or the screen will freeze up.

Give these students one of the full sheets of scratch paper labelled for KEPKA, MTH10 and tell them to number their problems on the sheet.

No Calculators allowed.

One 3 x 5 allowed with their MULTIPLICATION TABLES ONLYon it–have students write their name on the note card and staple them to the scratch paper.


I have 2 scantrons for ANDERSON’s HST 106 exam that have no names on them.

Friday, May 15th

I will be in Building 19, Room 239 from 8am-5pm–you can hunt me down if necessary.  I will bring my walkie and my laptop to check messages.

Staff schedule:



Please Email Instructors using the online form if there are issues with students/exams.

Thanks!  I will try to come by and check in if we have breaks.


Please turn in your timesheets to me by this Thursday am, so that I can get them done early….  I will be at a training all day on Friday.

Include all hours to be worked through the 15th, which is this coming Friday and remember to report your hours online.


Here is the link to a short survey re: services to be provided in the new Learning Commons


Logging in to your GOOGLE DOCS on the staff computers…

If you log in to your GOOGLE DOCS on one of the staff computers, then you need to log back in with the testing center password so that the checkin list is visible.

If you notice that a test we re-use is written on…

Please pull written exams that need to be re-used, (i.e. ANDERSON and BRODERICK’s TELECOURSE EXAMS), so that we do not accidentally give a student a test that has been marked on.

When you take these exams, PLEASE MAKE SURE STUDENTS WRITE THEIR NAME ON THE SCANTRON, and when you go to re-file the exam with a new scantron, check to make sure that the exam has not been written on.