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Please do not unlock the door to the computer testing room…

The doors do not latch very well and in the past, the janitor has found that door unlocked/unlatched.

Try to avoid exiting out that back door and if you do use that door, (I sometimes walk people through to the WRITING CENTER) then please make sure it shuts securely.



HENDERSON’s MTH60 mke-up exams#2

WRITTEN exams in drawer #2.

PETERSON’s HS 275 Midterm is in the top file drawer

WRITTEN test for a LECTURE course.

One 3 x 5 notecard is allowed. Remember to ask if they have a notecard and check it.  Have students staple the notecard to the back of the exam.

Exams opening Thursday, 4/30/15

BURROWS’ HUM 100 Exam #2

Online course; Online exam; NO notes allowed.

ESCOBAR’s HST 203 Midterm

HYBRID course; Online exa; NO notes allowed.

LUCANIO’s FA 255 Midterm

Online course; Online exam; ONE 3 x 5 notecard allowed. ¬†Have students write their name and the Instructor’s name on the notecard when you are checking them in and tell students to hand the notecard in when they are done testing.

SARVIS’ HST 102 and HST 103 Midterms

LECTURE courses; Online exams; NO notes allowed.




REMINDER–CAMPUS is closed this Friday

for Staff Spring Conference.

WE ARE OPEN NORMAL HOURS–9am-1pm this Saturday.

Make-up exams for HENDERSON–MTH60

These are WRITTEN exams–2nd file drawer. No notes and no calculators allowed.

Toni Fudge’s HS224 Exam

There are copies of this exam in the 2nd file drawer. ¬†Please do not allow student to use their own paper. ¬†Students have been caught using their notes during this exam–they get their notes out when they retrieve their own paper from their backpacks, so we have some lined paper packets for them to use in the 2nd file drawer. ūüėČ

Timesheets are due tomorrow at 10am

Give me your written copy ASAP and make sure to submit the same number of hours in myLane.


Please always ask students, “You are in the TELECOURSE?” when handing out a WRITTEN TELELCOURSE Exam.

Often the Instructors will also have WRITTEN make-up exams in the 2nd file drawer and students may not tell you the correct course number and take the Telecourse exam when really they needed to take the lecture exam.

Thanks for being alert to this!

Mth 10 test link in MOODLE

When students log in to MOODLE and you click on the MTH10 course, you should see a link right at the top of the page for Exam #1 Resources, Practices, and Tests.

Please let me know if you have trouble finding it. The Instructor is using a theme in MOODLE that is different from what we are used to seeing…