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Don’t forget to submit a timesheet with your hours from this week…

before you leave for SPRING BREAK.

Please be sure to enter your hours online and  WRITE THE TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS on the written timesheet where indicated.


Exam for CJA213 for Instructor Riedel/Hurley

is filed in the 2nd file drawer under RIEDEL.

If you cannot locate a written exam then please contact me.  We should be Emailing Instructors if we cannot locate an exam.

Bill BURROWS’ HUM 100 MOODLE page…

When you check a student into the HUMANINTIES 100 Final, be aware that the page had been taking 30 seconds to load.

Have students log in to MOODLE first, to give the MOODLE page time to load while you are entering information in the checkin screen.


Jennifer KEPKA’s Writing 97 students will be taking their FINAL EXAM in the Testing Center.

The test is ONLINE in MOODLE. These students may have not taken any exams in our testing center, so PLEASE review the rules with these students.

Especially: cell phones off and away; all belongings put away;  they cannot leave once they start the exam, and remind students to save frequently and to submit their exam when completed.


I need your timesheets….

Please report your hours worked/to be worked through this Saturday, March 14th and put them in my box in the lab by 5pm today and enter your hours in myLane before NOON tomorrow.

Please do not use cleaning sprays, wipes when students are testing

If students are testing, then please do not use cleaning sprays and/or wipes because some students may be sensitive to chemicals.

Students can opt to sit in the back testing room if there are too many distractions in the front room.

Written exams…

All exams in the top file drawer are FINALS.

The in class exams for STEINMETZ and SMITH’s PS 202 from previous weeks have been moved to the 2nd file drawer for make-ups (since anyone taking them at this point will be taking the exam after the deadline).

Written lecture exams that are usually taken in the testing center will be given at the designated class times, although sometimes instructors will give us a few copies for students to take the exam before or after the designated class time.



Just a heads up that BORROWDALE has EXTRA CREDIT EXAMS for both his PHL 202 and PHL 203 courses.

Starting tomorrow, WED. March 11th, both the FINAL EXAMS and the Extra Credit Exams will be available, so make sure to check with student which exam they want BEFORE you open a test for them to take.

Check students’ note cards and have them write their name and “Borrowdale” on their notecard and hand it in when they are done testing.

Daylight Savings time starts this weekend…

Reminder to turn your clock ahead one hour before you go to sleep Saturday night!

Happy Spring Forward!!!

Steinmetz’s Political Science (PS202) Exam #2

This is a WRITTEN EXAM–top file drawer.

No notes, no texts allowed.

This is a LECTURE course–the Instructor, STEINMETZ is teaching the class for Steve CANDEE.

NOTE:  Clint SMITH is teaching the other section of PS202 for CANDEE–that exam ended 2/19.

(The FINAL EXAMS for both SMITH and STEINMETZ–PS 202 will be proctored by the Instructors during the assigned dates/times, but we may have some copies in the Testing Center available for make-ups.)