Monthly Archives: February 2015

Timesheets are due tomorrow before Noon

I have signed timesheets and put copies in your box.

Please be sure to enter your hours and submit your timeshets online, before noon tomorrow.

Let me know if there is a discrepancy between the total number of hours on your written timesheets and the total in myLane.

GILLETT’s BA 213 exam

This exam is entirely WRITTEN.  Students can use their own calculator and one 3 x 5 notecard, which you can staple to the back of the exam when they hand it in.

BOOZER’s BT 165 Exam


Part 1 is on Computer (MOODLE) and Part 2 is WRITTEN.

Please write the time the student starts and completes the written portion at the top of the exam where indicated.

One section is ONLINE and the other section is HYBRID.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Escobar’s HST 209 Midterm ends today–Online course, online exam.  No notes allowed.

Remind students to save often on this one!

Martinez’s ECON 202 Exam #2 ends today–Online course, online exam–No notes and no calculators allowed.

They can re-attempt the exam, but there is a 30 minute lag between the end of the first attempt and when they can start attempt #2.


REMINDER–Campus is closed Monday for President’s Day!

Enjoy the 3 day weekend!

SMITH’s PS 201 online exam

This is an online exam for a LECTURE course, which starts Wednesday, Feb 4th.

NO notes allowed.  Please tell students to read the instructions carefully and to save often (after each essay) using the NEXT button.

WILKINSON’s PTA 132 Exam #1

There is a Physical Therapy Assistant Exam Wed. Feb 4th for WILKINSON.

This is an ONLINE EXAM for an ONLINE course.

No notes allowed.  Just give students one sheet of scratch paper that says “TURN IN AFTER EXAM”.

SONGER’s GEOG 141 Midterm Exam

starts Tuesday, Feb 3rd.

ONLINE exam; ONLINE course

No notes allowed.

GILLETT’s BA 213–Managerial Accounting–Exam #1

This exam starts Tuesday, Feb 3rd.

WRITTEN EXAM–top file drawer.

Please check students’ note cards and have them turn it in with their exam.

When students complete the exam, file it in alphabetical order in the COMPLETED test file for Gillett and check off the student’s name on the class list.

Written Math Exams in the Testing Center

There are some WRITTEN make-up exams for Kristen HENDERSON’s Math 60 and Math 111 ONLINE courses in the 2nd file drawer.

For MTH 60–no notes and no calculators are allowed.

For MTH 111, please read the INSTRUCTIONS carefully. No notes allowed

Part One allows a calculator; Part Two does not allow a calculator.

Please give students Part One first and then make sure they put away the calculator for the 2nd part.

Write the time they start Part 1 and the time they finish part 2 on the top of Part 1 of the exam, where indicated.