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Thought this would make some of you smile…

Check out this video from Aims Community College:

It is standard procedure to have students take off their hats and leave cell phones, etc. in a locker.  When we get the new testing center we will have lockers.

Anyone want to volunteer to star in a video?

The Testing Center will close at 2 PM this Wednesday…

Campus is closed Thursday, Friday and Saturday for Thanksgiving, so our testing center will be closed as well.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Break!

Timesheets are due Wednesday, NOV 26th…

Please make sure to put the signed paper copy of your timesheet in my box by 10am this Wednesday morning and remember to submit your hours in myLane as well.


WEEK 9 Exams

KOLBUSS’ PSY 201 Exam #3

This is an online exam for a LECTURE course

No notes allowed.

ADAMS’ PSY 110 Exam #3

This is a WRITTEN exam for a TELECOURSE.

No notes allowed.

BAXTER’s Gs 142 (Earth Revealed) Exam #2

This is an online exam for an ONLINE course.

No notes allowed.

Physical Therapy Assistant Exams….

Please be sure to offer these students earplugs.

Seat them at the back of the computer testing room if possible.

Please DO NOT OPEN the exam before students are settled in their seats and ready to start the exam.

Exams ending this week…

BAXTER’s GS 142 (Earth Revealed) Exam #2 Online exam; No notes allowed.

BOOZER’s BT 165 Exam #2–2 part exam–Part 1 Online; Part 2 Written; No notes allowed; Students can use their own calculator.

BORROWDALE’s REL 203 Exam #2  Online exam; One 3 x 5 notecard allowed

GILLETT’s BT 165 Exam #2  Written exam; No notes allowed; Students can use their own calculator.

HOWARD’s PTA 101 Exam #2  Online exam; One 3 x 5 notecard allowed

MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 Exam #2–ONLINE COURSE; ONLINE EXAM         (Students have 2 attempts) No notes allowed; No calculators allowed.

MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 Exam #3–LECTURE COURSE; WRITTEN EXAM               No notes allowed; No calculators allowed.

MITCHELL’s MTH 10 Exam #2  No notes and no calculators allowed; Give students a sheet of scratch paper that should be turned in after testing.  Students should number their problems and show their work.

PASCHALL’s BA 213 Exam #2    Online exam; One 3 x 5 notecard allowed; Give students one of the lab calcultors and a blue packet.

Noise in the Testing Center…

Please be sure to seat students taking timed exams in the back room, so that they are shielded from noise in the front check in room, such as the PTA students and students taking the BA 213 exams.

Especially for students taking timed exams, any type of noise is very disruptive and we have gotten some complaints today.  This is in part, due to the construction noise, which we have no control over.

We also need to  make sure to offer students earplugs. Andrea is making some signs, but we should also walk around and offer students earplugs when the noise volume is loud due to construction and I know some of you have been doing this.




I have put FINALS WEEK SCHEDULES in your box and marked off the times that you have FINALS scheduled based on the schedules you all gave me at the beginning of the term.

Please shade in the times that you are available to work–NOTE: we open at 8:30am during FINALS WEEK.

Put the completed schedules in my box in the Testing Lab by the end of this week.

Next week is a short week–we close at 2pm Wednesday and re-open the following MONDAY of Week 10, so as soon as you can get me your availability for FINALS WEEK, I would appreciate it.


Please do not staple anything to scantrons…

They have to be run through a machine to score them, so having something stapled to a scantron is not good…


Translation dictionaries for ESL students to use while testing

Please let me know if a student requests a translation dictionary in a language that we do not currently have. We do not currently have translation dictionaries in Hindi or Arabic and I am working on getting those.

For now, I am putting a Webster’s Dictionary for these students to use in the interim. Another option would be for students to temporarily borrow a dictionary from the reference desk at the LCC Library in Building 18 to use during testing.  We could just check it for notes when the student comes in to take an exam.