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Martian Analog Smart Watches….

More new technology that we should be alert for in the Testing Center:

Martian Watches allow for hands-free use of mobile phones via short distance wireless communication. Using Bluetooth and voice recognition technology, users can take calls, listen to or send text messages, see caller ID information, and send text using speech synthesis. The Martian watch is reportedly the first watch to utilize voice commands.

KEPKA’s MATH 10 Exam #2

Exam #2 for KEPKA’s Online MTH 10 course starts today.

Students are allowed to use one 3 x 5 card with multiplication tables during the exam, which they must turn in after the exam is completed.

NO CALCULATORS or electronic devices are allowed.

Tell students to number their questions on the scratch paper and turn it in with their note card after the exam.

Staple the note card to the back of their scratch paper and make sure their name is on the scratch paper.


Google Glass–please be aware that students are not allowed to have these devices while testing…

Yet another way that students can cheat on exams!  Please be alert to students wearing glasses and check that they do not have these devices attached to them.
This is from a staff person at a testing center in California:
Google Glass is a hands-free alternative to the smartphone, a device mounted on a pair of glasses that delivers information via a virtual screen. You activate it by voice  or by tapping the right arm of the frame. It works as a satnav, camera, video, translator, currency converter, restaurant finder and news feed.. There are many possibilities. Watch out for this in your testing center.  Google Glass comes in many flavors and types. (

Google Glass, shown here with regular glasses lenses attached

Exams Week 5–Revised

PASCHALL’s BA 213 Exam 1 (Midterm1) — Online course; Online exam

Give students one of our calculators to use–they are not allowed to use their own calculators.

There is a packet/scratch paper that we should be giving these students–they are in the folder on top of the calculator bin. They need these while taking the exam and should hand them in after the exam.

One 3 x 5 note card is allowed.  Please check the note card and have students staple it on the back of the packet, which they will hand in.

PLUNKETT’s ART 202 EXAM #1–Online course; Online exam

No notes allowed.  Please be sure to remind students to use the next button to save frequently during this exam.

Shifts needing coverage…

Is anyone available to work Tuesday, 7/29/14 from 9am-1pm?

I also have a shift available on Monday, 8/4/14 from 1-5pm, if anyone would like extra hours that week.

INSTRUCTORS NAMES added to drop down on check in…

FYI–I added the following INSTRUCTORs’ names on the checkin so you shouldn’t have to keep typing them into the comments section:




Thanks! 🙂


Exams scheduled for Week 4

KOLBUSS–PSY 201 LECTURE course Exam #3–online in MOODLE–No notes allowed.

MITCHELL–WR 80–ONLINE course–Exam #1–one 3 x 5 note card allowed.

           Please make sure students write their name and their Instructor’s name on the note card and that they hand it in after the exam.

STEFANOVSKA–SPAN 103–Exam #1  LECTURE course–WRITTEN EXAM–No notes allowed.

McGLYNN–BT165–Exam #1–Online course.

This is a TWO part exam–part 1 is online in MOODLE.  Students should  come get part 2–the written part–after they complete the online portion of the exam.

Students can use their calculators (not on a cell phone or any type of electronic device) and give them a half sheet of our “official” scratch paper.

Staff should write the time students start and complete Part 2 of the exam on the top of the exam where indicated.  Students have a total of 2 hours to complete both the online and written parts of the exam.