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Did anyone find a ring a few weeks ago???

Caitlin lost a ring a few weeks ago–if you know where it ended up, then please put it in her box in the Testing Center.

PASCHALL’s BA213 exams…

REMINDER–some students will be coming in to take this exam late, so log them into MOODLE even if it looks like the deadline date has past.

Also, they cannot use their own calculators for these exams–give them a calculator that is in the plastic bin.

We have caught several students cheating during the BA 213 exams, so please make sure that students put their cell phones away and that they have nothing at their desks but the blue handout sheets and a notecard if they have one.


Henderson’s MATH 60 Exam #2

is still in the top file drawer for student’s to take through tomorrow (Thursday)…


Note for Saturday staff…

Hi Kim and Frank,

Judy Boozer will be coming to pick up the BT 165 exams for her class and LePelley’s class.

Steve Candee will be coming in to pick up his PS203 exams that are completed.

Please double check that all the exams are alphabetized and checked off the class lists.

Keep the class lists in the drawer and give the Instructors just the completed exams.

Thanks for doing this!  I really appreciate it!

Have a great Memorial Day on Monday!

Deadlines Saturday, May 24th

MORT–GS142–Exam #2–Online class, Online exam–calculator use OK–no phones (Since this is offered through the Science Department, these students can also take the exam in the Science Resource Center, Bldg. 16)

BOOZER and LePELLEY–BT165–Exam #2–Online courses

2 part exam--first part on computer, second part written (write the time they start and end the written part on the exam). No notes allowed. Calculator OK

GILLETT–BT 165–Exam #2–HYBRID course–WRITTEN exam

No notes allowed. Calculator OK


No notes allowed


Exams ending Saturday, May 17th

MITCHELL–WR80–Exam #2–Online course/Online exam

One 3 x 5 note card allowed.

RUSCHER–GS147–Oceanography–Exam #2–Online course/Online exam

No notes allowed.

Exam Ending 5/15–Thursday

BORROWDALE’s PHL 201–Ethics–Exam #2 ends today–Online course/Online exam.

One 3 x 5 note card allowed.  Have students write the Instructor’s name and their name on the note card.

Exam starting Wed, 5/14

Paul RUSCHER’s GS 147–OCEANOGRAPHY–Exam #2–No notes allowed.

New Instructor…make ups

Donna Peterson has a few exams for students to make up in the 2nd file drawer.

Please enter her name in the comments section on the check in screen when you sign students into this exam.

They can use one 3 x 5 note card which they should turn in with the exam–HS 255–The Aging Mind.

If an Instructor’s Name is not in the drop down list…

then please enter it under COMMENTS.

Same for a course name that is not listed.

Thanks! 😉