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Exams ending Wednesday, 4/30/14

SONGER’s GEOG 142 Midterm–Online course–online exam–NO NOTES.

PASCHALL’s BA 213 Exam #1–HYBRID course–Online exam–one 3 x 5 note card allowedStudents should given a packet and a calculator and staple note card to back of packet at end of exam.

BORROWDALE’s PHL 205  Exam #1–This is a Live Interactive course–students may say it is Lecture or Hybrid, but enter it as an ONLINE course, because it is offered through Distance Learning.  Online exam–one  3 x 5 note card allowed.

Exams starting Wednesday, 4/30/14

Patrick LUCANIO’s FA255 Midterm–Online course, Online exam.

One 3 x 5 note card allowed. Make sure students put their name and the Instructor’s name on the note card.

Clint SMITH’s PS 202 Midterm–LECTURE course–ONLINE exam.

No notes allowed.

MORT’s GS142 Exam #1–Online Course, Online exam

No notes allowed.

NOTE:  Students taking online exams in Science can also take their exams in the Science Resource Center (SRC) Building 16.



Friday, May 2nd Campus is closed and so is the Testing Center.

We ARE open this Saturday from 9am-1pm as usual though…

Exams starting Tuesday, 4/29

HENDERSON’s MTH 65 Exam #2–This is a WRITTEN exam–top file drawer–HYBRID COURSE.

No notes allowed.

No calculator allowed.

SONGER’s GEOG 142 Midterm–Online course–Online exam–no notes allowed

PACHALL’s BA213–Managerial Accounting Exam #1

starts Monday, 4/28

Make sure to check students’  3 x 5 note cards and give each student a calculator from the plastic bin and a test packet.

The test packets are in a folder near the plastic bin of calculators and are on blue paper.

Students should write their names on the packet and make sure to staple their 3 x 5 note card to the back of the packet when they hand it in.

Locking the file cabinet…

There are other staff who have access to the Testing Center before and after we open/close, so we need to be sure to have testing materials secured when we leave at night.

Please be sure to lock the file cabinet at night.  To do this, you push in all the drawers and push in the button at the top of the file.

Also, make sure that there are no exams sitting out at the end of the evening.

If the white WRITTEN TEST TRACKING BINDER is on the counter, then please file this in the 3rd file drawer in the front–it has class lists in it and should not be left out.


ANDERSON’s HST 106 Telecourse Exam #1 and Broderick’s HSY 203 Telecourse Exam #1

are still in the top file drawer for students to take.

The class lists are no longer in the completed test folders because the deadline has past, but these Instructors leave their tests in the drawer until the next exam starts, so they can just send late test takers to the testing center to take the exams.

Make sure to ask if students are in the TELECOURSE before giving out these exams. 😉

Wilkinson’s PTA 133 Exam #1 for Kinesiology 2 is today….

As usual for the PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) Program exams we try to seat students toward the back of the computer testing room.

Offer students earplugs.

They can have a full sheet of scratch paper which they must turn in–we actually have a sheet with WILKINSON’s name on it that you can give them.


Howard’s PTA 104 Unit 1 Exam is today….

Students are allowed to use one 3 x 5 note card.

The test is timed, so have students sit down and give you the thumbs up to start their exam after they have read the instructions.

For the PTA exams, offer students earplugs and seat them at the far end of the computer testing room, if possible.

Saturday staff for 4/19

Hi Frank and Molly,

We should have a few MTH 10 students today for sure, since the deadline is today.

Molly–feel free to shadow Frank for awhile if you want, since I don’t know if you really had much chance to do this last Thursday.

I’ll leave the handouts at station #2 for you to read.  🙂