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CANDEE’s PS 202 Final

There are a few copies of the WRITTEN exam in the 2nd file drawer.  This Instructor proctors his Finals in class, since it is for a LECTURE course.

SONGER’s GEOG 142 FInal is Exam #2

Exam #1 was the Midterm and the Final is Exam #2.

Online exam in MOODLE.

Copies of your approved timesheets are in your box…

Please note that I added your hours for the 14th and 15th of March if you had not entered those hours on your timesheets.

Please submit the hours in myLane by 10am Friday am, March 14th.

We will need to have you all fill out a new timesheet for the hours you will work FINALS WEEK!

ALL tests in the top drawer are FINALS…

REMEMBER Steve CANDEE does his FINAL in class and there are make-ups in drawer number 2.  You should check that students are wanting to take the FINAL, before giving them a written exam or before clicking the test link in MOODLE.

As you know, students RARELY tell us they are coming in for a MAKS-UP exam, so we have to be proactive!


PART 2 of the BT 165 Exams are in the top File drawer…

for BOOZER and LePELLEY’s students.

Remember they do the part on computer first and then we write the time that they start and finish the WRITTEN part on the exam.


PASCHALL’s BA 213 Final packets…

Please give PASCHALL’s BA 213 students a green packet and check their note cards if they have one.

They should hand the packet in when they have completed the Final Exam, staple the note cards to the back of the packet and put their name on it.

BORROWDALE’s PHL 202 and PHL 203 exams…

BORROWDALE has an Extra Credit Exam for both his PHL 202 and PHL 203 exams.

When logging students into his exams, please ask which exam they are wanting–the Extra Credit Exam or the Final.  Hopefully students wanting to take the Extra Credit Exam will take it by this Friday (Friday of Week 10), but don’t assume that students want the FINAL EXAM during Finals Week.

Sometimes he also lets students make up previous exams after the deadline dates, so it is always a good idea, before clicking on the test link to say, for example, “Are you wanting to take the Extra Credit Exam?”

Greg DELF’s HST 102 Final

is online in MOODLE.

This is for a LECTURE CLASS.  Students only are taking the FINAL EXAM in the Testing Center.

No notes are allowed.

All exams in the top file drawer are FINALS…

Please make sure students are wanting to take the FINAL exam, in addition to asking students if they are in the TELECOURSE vs. a LECTURE class (when you are giving out the ANDERSON HST 105, ADAMS PSY 110 or BRODERICK HST 202 WRITTEN Telecourse exams–these Instructors often have other exams in the second file drawer.)

Timesheets are due…

Please include all hours worked/to be worked from 3/1 through 3/15.

Have your written timesheets in my box and signed no later than Friday at 10am and submit your hours in ExpressLane.