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Online BT 165 Exams for BOOZER and LePelley

These exams are 2 parts–part 1 online and have students come get the 2nd part, which is written.

Part 2 is in the top file drawer. Please write the time students start and finish Part 2 at the top of the exam, where indicated.


One Spanish 202 Exam for Instructor: FLORENDO is in drawer #2…

There is one student of Sylvie Florendo who will be coming in to take a test for SPAN 202–it is in the 2nd file drawer under, Florendo.

HENDERSON’s Exam #2 for Math 95

This is a WRITTEN exam in the top file drawer.

There is an extra sheet of paper attached to the back of the exam that students can use for scratch paper–please make sure they hand it in with the exam.

Students can use their own calculators, but not if it is on a cell phone.

WRITTEN HYBRID BT 165 Exam #2 for BOOZER’s in class students

Judy BOOZER is having her Hybrid students take their WRTITTEN BT 165 Exam in the Testing Center.

This is a written exam in the top file drawer.

There are 2 versions of theis exam–one is on white paper and the other is on green paper and they are arranged in the folder so that every other student gets a different version.

Make sure the scantron that is attached to the test has the appropriate “W” or “G” written on it to correspond to the color of the exam.

NOTE: BOOZER’s online BT 165 students take the exam that is 2 parts–Part 1–online and part 2 written.  The Written Part 2 for the ONLINE BOOZER BT 165 exam is also in the top drawer.

Tests ending Thursday, 2/20

LEUNG–PSY 202 Exam #2–LECTURE Course–ONLINE exam–one 3 x 5 notecard allowed.

BORROWDALE–PHL 202 Exam #2–one section is HYBRID, one class section is ONLINE; Exam is ONLINE–one 3 x 5 note card allowed.

Please remind students of the rules, as usual, since this may only be the 2nd time they have used the testing center.


Tests ending today, Tuesday, Feb. 18th

Bill BURROWSHUM 100 and ECON 201 Exam- #2-no notes allowed

BRODERICK–HST 202 TELECOURSE Exam #2–WRITTEN EXAM–top file drawer.  No notes allowed.

REMEMBER: There are some make-up exams in the 2nd file drawer under BRODERICK–currently there is an Exam #1 for the HST 202 TELECOURSE, and she sometimes has make-ups for her LECTURE students’ exams.

ADAMS–PSY 110 TELECOURSE–WRITTEN exam–top file drawer. No notes allowed.

LUCANIO’s FA 255 Midterm

Patrick LUCANIO moved his midterm deadline to Wednesday, Feb. 19th.

This is an ONLINE exam for the online Fine Arts 255 course.

One 3 x 5 note card is allowed.  No time limit on the exam.

Clint Smith’s PS 201 and PS 208 Exams are still in the top file drawer…

Some of his students will be coming in to take the exam this week.

Clint SMITH has 2 WRITTEN exams in the top file drawer.

These are for his LECTURE courses.

1) PS 201 Midterm–on yellow paper

2) PS 208 MIdterm–on green paper

No notes allowed for either exam. 

Please remind students to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, so they don’t answer all of the essay questions.

Paschall’s BA 213 Managerial Accounting Exams…

Some students will still be taking the BA 213 exam #1 for PASCHALL–give them the BLUE worksheet (in the folder), which they should put their names on and hand in…

I think I have shown all of you the folders, but there is also a folder with a few GREEN worksheets for a few students who still need to take the FINAL EXAM for BA 213 from Fall Term.

Students should staple their 3 x 5 note cards to the back of the work sheet (if they have one) and hand it in after the exam.


There are 2 PLUNKETT courses this term:

ART202–Survey of Western Art

ART 209–Japanese Art

No notes allowed on either midterm exam.

Please assume that these students need a refresher on the rules, since this may be the first time they use the testing center this term.

Remind students to save after each essay–the NEXT button at the bottom of the exam serves as a SAVE button.