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Tests Ending Monday after Thanksgiving….

KOLBUSS’ PSY 201 Exam #3–LECTURE course, ONLINE exam.  No notes allowed.

BURROWS’ ECON 300 Exam #3 and HUM 100 Exam #3–both online courses and online exams.  No notes allowed.

LEUNG’s PSY 201 Exam #3

This is an online exam for a LECTURE course.

The Instructor has it closing at NOON on Wednesday the 27th, eventhough we are open until 2pm that day.

One 3 x 5 notecard is allowed.

Tests starting Monday, NOV. 25th…

BORROWDALE’s PHL 201 Extra Credit Exam — one 3 x 5 note card allowed–one section is HYBRID and one is ONLINE.  The exam is online for both sections.

KOLBUSS’ PSY 201 Exam #3–LECTURE class, ONLINE exam; NO notes allowed.

ADAMS’ PSY 110 Exam #3–TELECOURSE, WRITTEN exam’ NO notes allowed.

Mitchell’s MTH 10 Exam #2 ends today–Monday, Nov. 25th

Remember to give students a sheet of scratch paper and ask them to number the problems they are working on.

No notes allowed.

Testing Center Announcements…

should now also be sent to your Email.

If you are not receiving these via Email, then please double check with me that I have the correct Email address for you.

Email Instructor Link

Please use this link when documenting that we are unable to access a student’s exam in MOODLE and/or if we are unable to locate a written exam.

Please include the student’s contact information: cell number and/or Email–whichever they prefer–so that we can contact them when their exam becomes available.

Next Wednesday–the day before Thanksgiving–we are closing at 2pm.

If LEUNG’s students are asking about our hours next Wednesday when their test deadline is set. please remind them that we will be closing early.

Mort’s GS 142 Exam has been extended to Monday….

TESTS ending Saturday, NOV. 23rd…

BT 165 BOOZER–online exam, online part 1, written part 2

BT 165 LEPELLEY--online exam, online part 1, written part 2

GS 142–MORT–online exam, online course.  Remember–students can take this in the Science Resource Center, BLDG 16 until 3pm.

NOTE:  The Testing Center will be closed next Saturday, NOV. 30th.

BT 165 Exam #2

REMEMBER there are 2 different Instructors for this course.

Both are online courses–sign students into the computer part first, then have students come to complete the written part–there are 2 folders in the top file drawer–one for LEPELLEY and one for BOOZER.

Write the time students start and complete the WRITTEN part on the top of the exam.

Students can use a calculator, but not if it is on a cell phone.