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Monday, July 1st schedule, etc.

Phillipanthony is scheduled 9am-1;1:30-5pm

Chayla is scheduled9am-Noon

Julia is scheduled Noon-5pm

REMINDER: I think I told everyone this, but please log students into GILDS’ PSY 215 Exam 2 from SPRING Term, even if the deadline date is passed, since the Instructor put in some deadline overrides.

If there is an issue with an exam, then please email the Instructor, as usual.

Also, MITCHELL’s MTH 10 exam #1 starts on today, July 1st. ┬áRemember to give students a piece of scratch paper, have them put their name on it an turn it in.

Thanks–hope it is a mellow day!!!

Welcome to SUMMER TERM!!!!

Our hours this summer are 9am-5pm Monday through Thursday, weeks 3-12, starting Wednesday, June 26th.

We will be closed next Thursday, July 4th and Monday, Sept. 2nd.

You will need to fill out a timesheet for your hours worked this week and submit the hours online.